Video: BeagleBone transformed into handheld gaming console

As its name suggests, the BeagleBone GamingCape is an open-source project for the BeagleBone Black that transforms the board into a hand-held gaming console with a little help from a cape, LCD and enclosure.

Sharp slashes 5,000 jobs

Sharp is planning to let go 5,000 workers over the next three years. Most of the cuts are expected at overseas plans in China and Malaysia. 

AUO claims high resolution OLED screen

Taiwanese display company AU Optronics will debut its 5-inch FHD OLED panel at China Optoelectronics Display Expo 2013 (CODE 2013) in Shenzhen, which it claims is the world's highest resolution FHD OLED.

Dual-screen smartphones may boast E Ink display

Most smartphone users are painfully aware of  the battery power it takes to run a big and bright LCD screen.

Apple iPhone report sees thinner screen

Reports about the next-generation iPhone - dubbed the iPhone 5 by certain publications and analysts - have reached a crescendo pitch.

Sharp showcases new IGZO LCD and OLED screens

The mobile device world is evolving rapidly, with displays offering higher resolutions, improved colors and optimized contrast.

LG showcases 5-inch 1080p mobile display

Smartphone displays have become slightly larger, with higher resolutions over the past year. Indeed, it's fairly common for current high-end smartphones to boast HD resolution supporting 720p.

Samsung spins off LCD business

Just a few days after it was rumored that Samsung was planning on spinning off its LCD display business, the company has decided to do just that.

Samsung may spin off LCD unit

Samsung, the world's leading manufacturer in flat-panel displays, is looking to shake up the LCD segment of its operations.

Refunds for buyers as LCD firms agree price-fixing settlement

Millions of computer and television buyers will be eligible for partial refunds, following a settlement by seven LCD manufacturers.

Visualization: What you see is what you get - Sponsored by Dell

Whether you're working on a notebook computer or a desktop, there's no denying that being able to see your work is key. The more you see, the more productive you are and the quality of the monitor is nearly as important - especially if you're doing graphics intensive work. But how do you know what monitor and graphics card or internal graphics in a laptop are right for you?

Device screens act as solar chargers

Soon, devices such as phones and laptops could charge themselves thanks to displays that double as solar cells.

This LCD is 70 inches of pure HDTV

We've all seen big television screens and most of us certainly wouldn't mind owning a larger TV - as long as it doesn't ‘crowd out’ everything else in the room. So, just how big can a LCD TV screen get?

Samsung produces first transparent LCDs

Samsung's started producing a range of LCD panels which are transparent enough to see through, and which are claimed to cut energy consumption by 90 percent.

German researchers develop world's thinnest pico projector

German researchers have developed what is being billed as the world's "thinnest" pico video projector.

LCD components used to operate worms like robots

Researchers say they've been able to control the brains and muscles of small organisms such as worms, controlling them like tiny robots.  

New LCD shades only block the bright spots

A Pittsburgh-based  start-up has created sunglasses that only block the light where necessary.

New liquid crystal could transform digital displays

Chemists at Vanderbilt University have created a new type of liquid crystals with unique electrical properties that they say could revolutionize digital displays.

Sony will sell off LCD TV plant

There's a lot of news these days about large companies buying up smaller companies, but now, Sony wants to actually sell one of the biggest parts of its very large corporation.

Screen supply problems set to hit iPad production

LG Display says it will not be able to meet demand from Apple for LCD screens for the iPad, and is warning that the device's launch may be delayed in some countries.