7 reasons the legal profession is facing a technology hump

Lawyer robots will one day kill us all while suing us for copyright infringement on our DNA, but until then, it could be that technology is making the profession a little nervous about its role in IT.

Apple beefs up legal team for fight with Nokia

It's boom time for lawyers, with Apple hiring them by the truckload to help it see off Nokia in an intellectual property dispute being heard by the International Trade Commission this week.

Unicorn meat irresponsibly marketed to Slashdot readers

ThinkGeek gets a cease and desist letter from the other white meat lawyers on behalf of aggrieved pigs heading to slaughter.

Lawyers get cross over fake Intel CPU reports

Two tech sites have received 'cease and desist' letters after reporting that online retailer Newegg was inadvertently supplying counterfeit Intel chips to customers.