3D printing breathes new life into old inventions

The US Patent and Trademark Office may be the key battleground in today's high-tech lawsuits, but it's also home to a trove of inventions that have fallen into the public domain. Now patent lawyer Martin Galese is trying to bring some 21st century tech to the charming ideas ...

Patent trolls could face stiff penalties

Patent trolls who fail to prove their case in court could be forced to pay legal costs, if a new bipartisan bill comes into law.

Unplugging: Music industry plagued by lawsuits

This week, music was inevitably plagued with controversy involving lawsuits, tragedy, politically incorrect statements and more.

Anti-climate science group threatens mass lawsuits

A libertarian thinktank devoted to rubbishing climate change is threatening to sue anybody commenting on certain leaked documents - even where the papers are genuine, it says.

Facebook threatens fake Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook has threatened to file a lawsuit against a man who recently changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg.

Samsung wants US import ban on Apple products

The public war between Samsung and Apple is getting ugly. And Samsung is taking the aggressiveness to a new level.

Apple files new lawsuit against Samsung

Apple said today that it has filed a lawsuit in South Korea which accuses Samsung Electronics of copying its products.

100,000 users targeted in mass P2P sharing lawsuit

By the end of Napster’s reign in the 90s it seemed like downloading one Britney Spears song would instantly land you in the slammer and cost you millions of dollars. No one was safe. Well, if you thought you were in the P2P sharing clear, you thought wrong.