YouTube sees off TV copyright case in Spain

YouTube today won a court victory in Spain over allegations that it had been infringing the copyright of Spanish broadcaster Telecinco.

Ivi sues TV networks before the networks sue ivi

Ivi TV has decided to get its retaliation in first, and is suing several major broadcasters to assert its right to broadcast their content without formal agreements.

HP and Oracle kiss and make up

It's so nice when everybody's friends again. For the last two weeks, the tech playground has been ringing with complaints over HP's best friend Mark Hurd going off and palling up with oracle instead. 

Skyhook accuses Google of interfering in contracts

Skyhook is suing Google, claiming it's infringed patents and interfered with contracts it signed with Motorola and another company believed to be Samsung.

Rights organizations sue over border laptop searches

Civil rights groups have teamed up with press photographers and a university student to challenge the government's right to search travelers' laptops at national borders.

Google pays up to settle Buzz security lawsuit

Google's agreed to pay $8.5 million to settle a class action lawsuit over claims that its Buzz social networking service violated users' privacy, and has agreed to further simplify its privacy policy.

Paul Allen sues practically everybody over patents

A company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has filed a patent lawsuit against 11 companies, including Google, Apple and Facebook.

Apple con man pleads not guilty in face of huge evidence

Paul Devine has taken the easy step in his attempt to avoid jail time and heavy fines, by pleading not guilty, but now comes the hard part: explaining how his wife was wired more than $1,000,000 from Asian companies that work with Apple.

Oracle sues Google over use of Java in Android

In what's set to be one of the biggest-ever patent fights in the tech industry, Oracle has accused Google of infringing several of its Java patents with the development of Android.

FBI demands Wikipedia remove seal graphic, battle ensues

The Federal Bureau of Investigations does not like the fact that its Wikipedia entry has a high-resolution image of its seal, but Wikipedia says there's nothing illegal about posting it online.

Ceglia 'forgot' he owned most of Facebook

Paul Ceglia - the man suing Facebook because he reckons he owns most of it - clearly has a memory like a sieve.

Consumers unharmed by Intel marketing practices, says court

Intel has won an important ruling in an anti-trust case which alleged that consumers had been hurt by the company's marketing practices.

Overheating iPad sparks lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed in the North District of California accusing Apple of falsely advertising its popular iPad as a reading device.

Rambus wins latest round in Nvidia patent dispute

Rambus has overcome the latest hurdle in its patent suit against Nvidia, gaining an exclusion order on imports based on three of its patents.

Facebook CEO calls shenanigans on ownership claim

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that claims by a New York man that he is entitled to an 84% ownership of the social networking site are completely baseless.

Ebay sued for billions over e-commerce patents

Ebay has been slapped with a massive patent suit which could cost it at least $3.8 billion.

Skype and Fring sever connection after legal threat

Mobile over internet developer Fring says it's being forced to end its four years of Skype interconnectivity following the threat of legal action from Skype.

Facebook assets frozen as man claims majority ownership

A New York man has filed a lawsuit claiming he owns 84 percent of Facebook and the money it's made since 2004.

Red light cameras shut down over issue of legality

The increasing prevalence of red light cameras and the legal questions that come with them, have caused one city in South Dakota to completely flip the switch on its cameras.

Viacom loses in very important Youtube lawsuit

It's a major victory for Google today, and for Internet users all around, as a federal judge today said that the online giant never broke the law by allowing people to post copyrighted Viacom content on Youtube.