Congress shells out $30 million to halt digital piracy

Recession be damned

Updated: Psystar closes up shop?

Hell hath no fury like an Apple scorned

Google fined $430,000 for breaching copyright

Zut alors!

Bing in ding dong with Microsoft Bing

Bing cross be

Taxman gets truth from Wikipedia

Easier said than done

Plurk accuses Microsoft of lifting code

Thinking about its future options

Nvidia applauds FTC action against Intel

Says GPU is "critical" for common applications

Microsoft, EU kiss and make up

Peace in our time

Paid-for content war hots up

New campaign demands right to free linking

Updated: FTC goes for Intel’s jugular

Updated again Gimme some money

Senate okays Iran gasoline sanctions

That'll teach 'em

Checks set to check out

UK banks vote to end paper payments

Apple deploys Loyalty Unit to plug leaks

"Moles working everywhere"

Queen of Presentations Prognosticates on Mobile

Mary Meeker makes grown men moist with her sexy reports

Renesas, NEC Electronics sign up on merger dotted line

Giant consolidation

Industry giants sued over memory patent

Ring fenced

Big Blue sued over mainframe software

Stop meddling with the electricity meter

Facebook: We're all Trailer Park Trash now

Being on Facebook is like sitting naked on a TV and shouting, Hey, there's something really good on Channel 9!

UK news aggregator dumps national newspapers

News falls victim of paid for content battle

Fusion Garage sued over JooJoo tablet

Revenge of the CrunchPad