Michael Dell hints of impending AMD CPU news

Grapevine (TX) - At a meeting with journalists, including TG Daily, at the site of the World Series of Video Games on Sunday afternoon, Dell Computer Chairman Michael Dell gave clear signals - while omitting any and all details - that his company will have more to say about expanding its relationship with CPU supplier AMD in the near future.

Orders for 17" LCD monitor panels up in July, says paper

In order to prepare for back-to-school demand in September, LCD monitor vendors such as Dell, Philips and Hewlett-Packard (HP) are increasing their 17" LCD monitor orders with panel makers this month, according to today's Chinese-language Commercial Times .

Can Microsoft ever meet the EU's standards for interoperability?

The European Commission meets on Monday to determine the amount of fines it's prepared to levy against Microsoft (a very short meeting, most believe), and again on Wednesday, most likely to impose these fines. It would seem the EC is in a rush to proclaim Microsoft guilty of not turning over material that an agreement with its independent trustee says is actually due the following week.

Google Checkout could increase costs for comparison shopping engines

Google Checkout adoption will translate to higher costs for the shopping comparison engines. Some of the costs will be passed onto merchants, and I'm not sure they'll stand for it.

Friendster patents social networking

Friendster has been award a patent on social networking from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Patent number 7,069,308 was filed three years ago by Friendster's founder Jonathan Abrams and was awarded on 27 June 2006.

AMD to launch AM2 3600+ ahead of schedule

AMD plans to launch the AM2-series Athlon 64 X2 3600+ in the retail market in the third quarter of this year, earlier than expected, to counter Intel's Conroe, according to sources.

LCD upstream makers trying to lower production costs

Due to pressure from panel makers to cut prices amid falling panel prices, LCD key component and material makers are seeking methods to stay profitable by lowering costs.

Foundry utilization may drop in Q4

Foundry utilization rates may drop from the fourth quarter of this year through the first quarter of next year amid an inventory pileup at customers, according to foundry sources.

AMD reduces revenue estimate for Q2

Despite its recent success and market share gains, AMD remains vulnerable in the microprocessor price war with Intel and inventory corrections.

Cisco to acquire wireless security firm Meetinghouse

Cisco today said that it will acquire privately held Meetinghouse Data Communications in a $43.7 in cash transaction.

Google ready for legal action in absence of net neutrality

Vint Cerf, Internet pioneer and Google VP, has told reporters that if the US Senate does not pass net neutrality laws then Google would readily file antitrust complaints against network operators that discriminated against Internet content providers.

McAfee sees 400,000 virus definitions by 2008

Although widespread virus outbreaks may be a thing of the past, the total amount of malicious software being written is on the rise, according to McAfee.

Investors sue Apple over stock grants

Apple Computer on Wednesday announced that two lawsuits have been filed against the company as a result of its awarding of stock grants.

Freescale ramps orders at TSMC, verifies 65nm at UMC

While it has decided to place some of its communication and mixed signal-IC foundry orders with its long established partner Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), Freescale has also qualified United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC)'s 65-nanometer process, according to industry sources.

Trolltech raises $19.2 million in IPO

Norwegian software company Trolltech, best-known for its "Qt" C++ GUI toolkit, went public today at the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE).

Toshiba extends SDRAM, DDR license from Rambus

Rambus today said that Toshiba has extended its existing license covering SDRAM and DDR SDRAM memory controllers.

Second WGA class action suit filed against Microsoft

A second class action suit has been filed against Microsoft in Seattle's U.S. District Court. The suit, filed by a group of businesses and residents, alleges that Microsoft pushes WGA to all Windows machines, whether or not they have Automatic Updates turned on. In addition, the plaintiffs say customers are not informed about the true nature of WGA.

DDR2 contract prices to get boost in August

DRAMexchange has a bullish outlook for third quarter DDR2 pricing on an anticipated supply shortfall of 10-20% occurring late in the quarter.

Displaybank: Full HD TVs to account for 58% of overall 40" and larger TVs in 2010

In the market for 40" and larger LCD and PDP (plasma display panel) TVs, full HD (high-definition) TVs (with a resolution of 1920x1080) are likely to emerge as the mainstream with a market share increasing from 3.9% this year to 11.8% by 2007 and 58% by 2010, according to research firm Displaybank.

Pre-N chip production lead time extended

The lead time for the production of chips compliant with pre-N, or the 802.11n draft 1.0, wireless standard, has recently been extended to 12-16 weeks from the previous 8-12 weeks, as shipments of pre-N devices from Taiwan-based network-equipment makers started gaining momentum in June, according to sources at the makers.