Insurance company sues HP for server melt-down

The insurance company of an HP customer has sued the hardware market for $990,000 in damages and lost profits.

TSMC flagged in August

The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) issued figures showing that August wasn't quite as buoyant as it might have desired.

Corning says glass shortage not as bad as it thought

The earthquake that affected Corning's substrate glass factory in Japan hasn't affected output as badly as expected, the company said today.

US Copyright Office attacks Google Books deal

A heavyweight in the shape of the head of the US Copyright Office told Congress that a proposed settlement between Google and publishers caused her serious concerns.

Sony marketing campaign plumbs new depths

Consumer electronics giant Sony can surely afford to hire the sharpest brains around. How, then, do we explain the sheer Jeffdamned awfulness of its new online marketing campaign?

Boxing champion threatens legal fight with Facebook

Boxing champion Amir Khan and his promoter Frank Warren are threatening Facebook with legal action, alleging that the site contains defamatory and racist material about Khan.

i4i challenges Microsoft's 'weak defenses'

i4i has challenged Microsoft's claims over a disputed custom XML patent by filing a responding brief in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. As TG Daily previously reported, the court recently accepted Microsoft's request to postpone a controversial injunction that would have barred sales of its popular Word application.

Open source group buys up Microsoft patents

After years of accusations from Microsoft that Linux violates its patents, open source group Open Invention Network (OIN) is buying a set of patents which used to belong to the company.

Microsoft cleared in Russian antitrust case

The Russian anti-monopoly watchdog, FAS, says it has found no violation of antitrust law in Microsoft's cutbacks in shipments of Windows XP.

TiVo wins $200 million in patent infringement suit

A US district court has ordered Dish Network Corp and sister company EchoStar to pay TiVo $200 million in damages for violating a permanent injunction banning the unauthorized use of the latter's "time warp" technology. 

Google appeases EU over books deal

Google has agreed to let European publishers get a say in its controversial digital books agreement, as it faces an EU hearing today on the deal.

Abu Dhabi buys Chartered Semiconductor in Globalfoundries merger

A company owned by Abu Dhabi is to buy Singapore foundry Chartered Semiconductor for $1.8 billion.

Microsoft sued over Windows Genuine Advantage

A case started in a Washington district court suing Microsoft over its Windows XP Genuine Advantage program.

Microsoft wins temporary stay of Word injunction

The US Court of Appeals has accepted Microsoft's request to postpone a controversial injunction that would have barred sales of its popular Word application. The injunction - imposed by a Texas-based district court in August - was ordered after Microsoft was found to have infringed on a custom XML patent owned by i4i.

EU puts brakes on Oracle's Sun acquisition

The European Union has announced plans to review Oracle's pending acquisition of Sun Microsystems. An EU official explained that regulators would "carefully" examine the potential effects such a deal would have on the "highly concentrated" database market.

Intel boss confident of market upturn

Intel CEO Paul Otellini reckons he can see light at the end of the tunnel for the IT industry.

Scifi writers powering weapons against Google

US science fiction and fantasy writers have joined forces with Microsoft and Amazon in an unlikely coalition of librarians, legal scholars, authors, publishers, and technology companies dedicated to countering the evil empire of Google's Book Settlement.

Law makes an ass of donkey bloggers

Two bloggers from Azerbaijan are facing up to seven years in jail after posting a spoof video of a donkey holding a press conference on YouTube.

Sony sells US TV factory to Hon Hai

A Sony factory that assembles and ships Bravia LCD TVs to North America has been snapped up by Taiwanese megamanufacturer Hon Hai.

Phishing trips switch from banks to ISPs

In their indefatigable attempt to take your money off you, crooks have started to send emails purportedly from ISPs, to lure you into parting with your credit card details.