Google prepared to compromise on digital books deal

Undaunted by widespread opposition, Google is pressing ahead with its plans to create a vast digital library, following a cautiously positive response from the Justice Department.

Microsoft shareholders get say on pay (sort of)

So, how much do you reckon Steve Ballmer ought to earn? If you're a Microsoft shareholder, you'll get to decide - as long as you come up with a figure that the board approves of.

California Democrat endorses Net neutrality bill

California Democrat Rep. Henry Waxman has formally agreed to co-sponsor the Internet Freedom Preservation Act. The bill - authored by Rep. Edward Markey - would prohibit ISPs from selectively blocking, slowing or halting Internet traffic.

Apple totally rejected Google Voice app over duplication fears

The FCC has published an uncensored letter from Google in which the Mountain-View based company claimed that Apple rejected its Voice application. Apple had previously refuted the allegations and insisted that it was "studying" the voice-based app.

States object to Google Books settlement too

Five US states have registered their opposition to a proposed settlement between Google and publishers over its Google Books plan.

Silicon Valley returns to glory days

Silicon Valley is starting to wake up after its long recession hit slumber, according to the BBC.

Internet child porn increasing

The amount of child pornography on the internet is increasing, a UN expert said yesterday, despite international efforts to curb it.

British blogger sued for defamation

In a convoluted international case, a law firm in Sydney, acting for the Chinese owners of the massive multiplayer online game Evony, has filed a case against a British blogger for defamation.

Consumer notebooks save PC bacon

Shipments of PCs worldwide fell by 19.1 percent in the second quarter of this year compared to last year, and sales of commercial notebooks stayed depressed.

Mayor Nagin named in Dell conspiracy case

UPDATED In what's rapidly turning into a week Dell would really like to forget, the company is in court in New Orleans accused of shady practice in securing a deal to install CCTV cameras in the city, including paying for vacations for Mayor Ray Nagin and his erstwhile technology chief, Greg Meffert.

Dell hit for $4 million for deception

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has announced that Dell and its subsidiary, Dell Financial Services (DFS), have agreed to pay the Attorney General's Office $4 million in restitution, penalties and costs to resolve charges of fraudulent and deceptive business practices that scammed consumers across New York State.

Adobe pays $1.8 billion to get into online ads

Graphic design specialist Adobe Systems is to move into tracking web site performance and online advertising.

Apple snaps up top Intel lawyer

The second high profile casualty of yesterday's Intel management reshuffle, ex-General Counsel Bruce Sewell, is moving down the road to Cupertino to take on the same role at Apple.

NZ woman sacked in CAPS LOCK row

An Auckland accountant has been awarded compensation after being sacked for sending confrontational emails containing words in red, in bold and in capital letters.

Bethesda sues Interplay over disputed Fallout trademark

Bethesda has sued Interplay over the unauthorized use of its Fallout trademark. The company also demanded that the District of Maryland Court issue an injunction barring Interplay from selling any items with a Fallout mark.

To lose one Gelsinger is careless. To lose three is an Intel catastrophe

Analysis We'll probably never know why Kicking Pat Gelsinger decided to tidy up his desk and move his caravanserai to storage company EMC.

Intel confirms top management shakeup

UPDATED: Despite officially denying anything untoward was happening earlier today, chip giant Intel today confirmed that Pat Gelsinger and Bruce Sewell are leaving the company.

Hacker admits world's biggest identity theft

The Miami man dubbed the world's most prolific identity thief has admitted stealing 40 million credit and debit cards records from US retailers.

Apple flash flood leaves NAND drought for others

Increasing demand from Apple for large supplies of NAND memory has left other players in the lurch with severe shortages in store.

Microsoft wins appeal against $358 million fine

The federal appeals court has ruled that while Microsoft did infringe an Alcatel-Lucent patent, a fine of $358 million imposed on it was too stiff.