Dell says it will behave from now on, honest

Box-shifter Dell seems to spend more time defending itself in court than making PCs these days. The company has just assured the US Government that it will be a good boy and improve its accounting and corporate governance methods.

EU criticizes "damagingly loud" MP3 players

The European Union has proposed a default volume setting for MP3 devices sold in member countries. According to EU Consumer Affairs Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, users frequently raised the volume of their MP3 players to "damagingly loud" levels.

Google: AT&T attempting to "undermine" Web-based competition

Google has responded to AT&T's allegations that its Voice application "systematically" blocks telephone calls to certain rural areas with high connection costs. According to Google legal counsel Richard Whitt, the FCC's open Internet principles apply only to the behavior of broadband carriers - and not to the creators of Web-based software applications.

ICANN is broken: they think they have fixed it

Analysis  For the last ten years, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - ICANN - has managed certain aspects of internet governance, most notably the assignment of domain names. But on Wednesday, ICANN's mandate expires, and many interested parties are concerned about the less-than-comprehensive plans for its replacement.

Down in the Valley, the car lots are empty

It’s obviously too soon to say that everything is just fine and dandy down in Silicon Valley.  We took a drive down there on Friday, right the way to millionaire enclave Silver Creek, and all the way there was property to let and empty car lots.

Settlement looks likely in AMD-Intel civil case

The word on the chip strasse is that Intel and AMD may well reach a settlement before the long-running civil case between the companies comes to court in spring 2010.

AT&T slams Google for 'systematically' blocking telephone calls

AT&T has accused Google of "systematically" blocking telephone calls to certain rural areas. The controversial strategy has allegedly permitted Google Voice to claim a "significant advantage" over providers offering competing services.

Intel will soon have real reasons to fear ARM

Third party sources in the Valley told me yesterday that ARM is likely to strike a strategic deal with GlobalFoundries during the next week or so.

Twitter adds $100 million to social networking war chest

Twitter has "closed a significant round of funding" with a group of top investment companies. According to Twitter CEO Evan Williams, the financial firms included T. Rowe Price, Institutional Venture Partners, Spark Capital, Benchmark Capital and Morgan Stanley.

Google sued after security breach

The strange cogs of the US Justice System have whirred into action and turned out a strange case against the search outfit Google.

Talisker shares soar as Magee enters hall of fame

We all thought he was just the strange bloke in the corner with the useful bottle of Talisker. But according to the Daily Telegraph, our esteemed editor Mike Magee is the 35th most influential Briton in the world of technology.

Intel and Apple are at the crossroads

This week is IDF, and last week I spent some time with Andy Grove talking about saving the country.

Will the real rights holder please stand up?

Eminem's music publisher, Eight Mile Style, is suing Apple, saying the use of 93 songs on iTunes was never authorized.

Google Books opponents claim victory

The Open Book Alliance, a coalition of librarians, legal scholars, authors, publishers, and technology companies created to counter the proposed Google Book Settlement in its current form, has issued a statement in response to the postponement of the October 7 fairness hearing.

Intel's Otellini categorically denies EU antitrust allegations

At a Q&A shortly after the his IDF keynote in San Francisco this morning, Intel CEO Paul Otellini was in bullish mood when asked whether Intel had ever engaged in special deals with third parties to keep out the competition, or ‘imitators’ as Intel likes to refer to them.

EU says Google AdWords are fair game

While the EU is content to slam Intel and Microsoft for billions in antitrust suits, it takes a rather more relaxed view on fellow US giant Google, presumably on the grounds that it's not evil.

Techies working up to 75 hours a week

UK researchers have found that 35 percent of IT staff are working more than 48 hours a week and 7.3 percent work between 60 to 75 Hours.

Wireless providers wary about net neutrality rules

New FCC proposals on 'net neutrality' are already drawing fire from the wireless industry.

Dell grabs Perot for $4 bn

Box-shifter Dell has snapped up government IT contractor Perot Systems for $3.9 billion in cash, the companies said today. Perot will become a Dell services unit.

EU publishes lurid details of Intel antitrust ruling

The European Commission has finally gotten around to publishing a non-confidential version of its Intel Decision, dating back to 13 May 2009 that found Intel broke EC Treaty antitrust rules by engaging in two types of illegal practise to exclude competitors from the market.