European VCs bin majority of entrepreneurs' business plans

While widespread gloom and doom afflicts VCs in the USA, their European equivalents report that things are definitely picking up across the pond. But if you're an entrepreneur, make sure you get all of your ducks in a row because bright and shiny business plans mean nothing.

Vendors have their head in the clouds

The widespread push by computer vendors to a "cloud" based model where data for enterprises and end users is held remotely has unfathomed legal and security consequences.

Congress demands FCC probe of Google Voice

A bipartisan Congressional group has asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to investigate Google's alleged policy of blocking high-cost calls to rural areas. According to Reuters, the legislators described Google's position as "ill conceived and unfair to our rural constituents."

Just like old times - IBM faces antitrust probe

The US Justice Department is investigating claims that IBM is up to its old anti-competitive tricks in the mainframe industry.

School start up seeks money for German market

Mentor presented its pitch to find two million Euro to launch in Germany to a bunch of VCs here at the Etre conference in Paris.

Meet Microsoft, the underdog

Jean Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft Europe, described the company as an underdog in Paris today.

Carriers hold startups back

A senior executive at AT&T Mobility said at a roundtable here that carriers  lacked the infrastructure to support the numerous startups that depended on them.

Mincemeat the Money in the Etre Dragon's Den

If anyone of you has seen the BBC TV series the Dragon's Den, you'll be aware of the format.

Feds crack down on greedy bloggers and celebrities

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has revised its official endorsement and testimonial guidelines for advertisers. The guidelines - which were last updated in 1980 - have been altered to mandate the disclosure of "important connections" between advertisers and endorsers.

Red Hat attacks ‘patent trolls’

Linux outfit Red Hat has filed a petition in the US Supreme Court seeking to outlaw software patents.

High tech won't save the economy this time

Opinion: In 1982-1983 the economy in the West was battered. Unemployment in the U.S. reached 9.7 percent. The United Nations pegged growth for developed nations around one percent. Stagnation and recession were global conditions.

Apple threatens Woolworths over new logo

Woolworths, the largest supermarket chain in Australia, adopted a new logo in 2008 and on-the-ball Apple lawyers have just noticed it looks a bit like the Cupertino gadget maker’s.

Chips showed stronger sales in August

Figures from the WSTS for chip sales in August showed that while they were down 12.9 percent year on year, figures are better than expected.

Uniloc prepares to fight for its $388 million

Uniloc is refusing to take its court defeat lying down, and is to appeal against the shock overturning of its successful patent infringement claim against Microsoft.

Intel sues Silicon Valley partner

Chip giant Intel started a law suit in a California district court alleging that Intelop - an IP developer and engineering design services firm in Silicon Valley breaches its trademark name.

How to save journalism

Opinion: Print publishing is in serious decline. Magazine revenues in the US tumbled 22 percent in Q2 this year. McGraw-Hill is selling its old cash cow BusinessWeek and TimeWarner is trying to dump its print group, including the Time in TimeWarner. It's even worse for newspapers.

Judge overturns Microsoft patent judgement

A district judge has overturned a jury verdict that hit Microsoft with the world's largest ever patent damages.

ARM confirms it's chatting to GlobalFoundries

As we exclusively reported last week, ARM and AMD spin off GlobalFoundries are in deep congress over cooperating on semiconductor production.

Oracle fined over "Sun + Oracle is Faster" equation

The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) has reprimanded and fined Oracle for publishing unsubstantiated benchmark results. The violation occurred when Oracle ran an advertisement in The Wall Street Journal and The Economist claiming that 'Sun + Oracle is Faster' compared to a published TPC-C performance result from IBM.

Facebook pulls Obama death threat poll

The US Secret Service is trying to track down a group that created a Facebook poll asking 'Should Obama be killed?'.