News aggregation sites threatened with legal action

UPDATED National, regional and local newspapers are attempting to force news aggregation sites to accept stringent new rules on linking to content in a bid to maintain their virtual monopoly on news, says the head of one of the UK's top aggregation sites.

Sun to axe 3,000 jobs after Oracle delay

Delays in the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by database giant Oracle will cost 3,000 jobs over the next 12 months.

Otellini: Intel ‘knew nothing’ about insider trading probe

Intel CEO Paul Otellini says the company knew nothing about the insider trading investigation into Galleon Group, which implicated an Intel executive, until the Feds turned up.

Apple: Mac and iPhone sales shatter previous record

Apple has announced financial results for its fiscal 2009 fourth quarter. According to CFO Peter Oppenheimer, the company defied the economic recession by selling 3.05 million Macintosh computers, 10.2 million iPods and 7.4 million iPhones. 

The Delusions of IT Startups

Opinion: If you've ever attended a venture capitalist conference you will hear the truism: Is it a feature or a product? That is, does the start-up company being considered for funding have a true, standalone product that others can add features to, or is it just a feature to another product? Both approaches can be considered shrewd investments, but the exit strategies for the VCs are substantially different.

Child pornography too easy to find on web

Child porn sites are in far too close proximity to mainstream adult pornography sites, the person who runs Child Watch Ireland has claimed.

Gartner veep outlines Windows 7 migration costs

We asked last week why migrating to Windows 7 from Windows XP was reckoned to cost $1,930 a seat. Over the weekend, Gartner VP of research Michael Silver took the time to send us an email filling in some of the background.

Judge protects Verizon ringtones from greedy publishers

A US District Court judge has ruled that Verizon Wireless does not require a public-performance license for selling ringtones. According to Judge Denise Cote, when a ringtone plays on a cellular telephone - even when that occurs in public - the user and carrier are exempt from copyright liabilities.

The best IT vendor CEO of the decade is...

Depending on how you count, January begins the second decade of the 21st century. While a painful 10 years in many ways, the information technology industry saw some phenomenal changes during that time. It also saw the demise of a few iconic figures and the emergence (and re-emergence) of others who led the companies that drove those changes.

"We're through the recession," says Google

Google's business is picking up again, with third quarter revenues up seven percent on the same period last year. The company now says it feels confident about investing heavily in the future.

Intel, ASML bring cheer to the chip market

Unexpectedly good results for Intel's third quarter combined with ASML turning in a profit for its third quarter is bound to bring some hope that the semiconductor industry is on the turn.

Intel reverses semiconductor recession

CMOS giant Intel turned in its third quarter results and reported it had a gross margin of 58 percent.

Cisco buys Starent for $2.9 billion

Giant network company Cisco paid $2.9 billion to buy IP mobile firm Starent Networks.

Levinson quits Google over FTC concerns

Google has announced the resignation of Dr. Arthur Levinson from the company's board of directors. Levinson - who remains on Apple's board of directors - reportedly vacated his position after the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) expressed concern over his dual role at two competing companies.

Keep on blogging in the free world

Opinion: Google or Bing "corporate blogs." Just below the ubiquitous Wikipedia entry, in the number two slot, is: "Ten Corporate Blogs Worth Reading." Click on it. Listed at number 5 is: "Check Out Blog: The Official Wal-Mart Blog." If you visit it, you'll notice that the top item is a post about milk from seven months ago...

Poke lands Facebook user in court

It's got to be the laziest, most minimal form of communication possible, but apparently a Facebook poke can count as harassment.

Wesley Chan is the Google Voice Speedy Gonzalez

While the FCC was gazing at the navel of Google Voice last Thursday and last Friday, Wesley "Mr Google Voice" Chan was busy snapping the great and the good at Etre's Gala Night in Paris.

UBS predicts market resurgence RSN

Etre 2009 Dominic Lester, global head of technology at UBS Investment Bank reckons that things are on the up - and demonstrated that with some pithy aphorisms.

FCC scrutinizes Google Voice restrictions

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has launched an official inquiry into Google's policy of restricting outbound Voice calls to certain rural areas. The probe comes just days after a bipartisan group of legislators urged FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski to investigate Google's "ill conceived" and selective call ban.

IBM moves to eliminate patent trolls

IBM has voiced its support for the "swift passage" of patent reform legislation. According to Big Blue, the Patent Reform Act of 2009 will help bolster US competitiveness in the global economy and stimulate economic growth.