Ruiz quits Globalfoundries

AMD spinoff Globalfoundries has announced that Hector Ruiz has quit as chairman with immediate effect.

The NSA's Latest Listening Post

The National Security Agency has started work on its new $2 billion data center in Utah.

Welcome to a new TG Daily

Welcome to a new look TG Daily.


Column My one experience with a union was unpleasant. The union boss came into the restaurant I worked at as a teenager and told the manager that she either had to cut my hours or I had to join the union.

ICANN releases non-Latin domain names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - ICANN - has, as expected, approved internet domain names (IDNs) containing non-Latin characters. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - ICANN - has, as expected, approved internet domain names (IDNs) containing non-Latin characters.

Apple sued over camera patent by litigant with a past

UPDATED: Cupertino firm Apple has received a writ from a company that alleges it breaches patents it owns. The company that's suing Apple has a track record of winning its actions.

Intel sues news service over Intel name

Chip giant Intel filed a case in a California district court alleging that a news service specializing in news about Mexico has infringed its trademark.

Sony, Philips get wrists slapped very lightly over storage monopoly

Sony, Philips and a third firm, Taiyo Yuden, have received a not very severe ticking off for behaving monopolistically in the recordable media market.

UK will disconnect file pirates

The UK government will take steps that will exclude persistent downloaders of content from connecting to the internet, it confirmed today.

Ex AMD CEO named in insider trading scandal

Hector Ruiz, AMD's former CEO and currently chairman of AMD spinoff Globalfoundries, has been named in the Galleon insider trading scandal that has so far seen six top executives arrested.

Daylight Saving is a waste of time

Opinion: We all know what a pain it is when we head out for a day's plowing before the sun's even risen. The oxen grumble as you prod them into wakefulness; the ground is crisp with frost; and that bottle of cold tea won't be much use in keeping the cold at bay. How much better would it be if we could somehow move time so it was daylight all the time? We could get more plowing done if it wasn't so damned dark in the morning.

Toshiba hunts for rare metals in Kazakhstan

Japanese firm Toshiba said it has signed a letter of intent with Kazatomprom, a firm owned by the Republic of Kazakhstan, to create a joint venture in rare metals.

Geeks Are Losers

Opinion: Whether it's a book fantasizing about a world in which Google executives run the United States or another tome that suggests geeks are on the road to controlling the globe, there's a hopeful strain among technology, business, and political writers that there's something special about the technically astute, the so-called digerati. Barack Obama bathes in some of that reflected glory because he's the first US president who knows how to use a Blackberry.

Nokia, Apple suit reeks of desperation

Opinion We heard the CEO of Nokia, Oli-Pekka Kallasvuo at a CEO conference in Paris just two weeks ago shrugging off the iPhone and the BlackBerry as competitors.

Microsoft Q1 revenues down 14 percent

Microsoft earned a meager $12.92 billion in the quarter ended Sept. 30, 2009, a 14 percent decline from the same period last year.

Booksellers accuse Amazon of illegal price war

The American Booksellers Association has accused Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target of illegal predatory pricing, and has asked the Department of Justice to investigate.

Nokia sues Apple over alleged iPhone patent infringement

Nokia has alleged that Apple's iPhone infringes on a number of its patents. The 10 patents reportedly relate to technologies that are "fundamental" to device and mobile compatibility standards.

China has US cyberspying on its mind

A congressional panel claimed that the Chinese government is expanding its cyberspying activities in the USA and has organized a campaign against one, unnamed US company.

AT&T sues display manufacturers over alleged price fixing

AT&T has sued a number of liquid-crystal display manufacturers for allegedly fixing the price of mobile LCD screens in the US.

Almost no one is prepared to pay for online news

A survey of more than 2,000 people in the UK reveals that 91 percent of respondents would never pay for news online and 90 percent would be unwilling to pay for news analysis. A similar survey carried out a few weeks ago found that just five per cent of readers were willing to pay for online news.