Marvell employee accused of profiting in Galleon case

Far cry of insider trading

TSMC scoops $200 million from SMIC

In trade secret doodah

Feds indict RBS WorldPay hackers

$9 million stolen in "elaborate" international scheme

EU at odds with US over Oracle antitrust probe

US rubber stamp inadequate for Euro regulators

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo others sued over mapping software

Patent place

Microprocessor sales aided by Atom smasher

All time record quarter

Health insurance IT isn't dead, it just smells funny

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that makes private insurers' IT work totally useless.

Murdoch plans to block Google News

Antipodean media magnate throws toys out of pram

Nvidia taunts Intel with cartoon parody site

Quick. Draw!

Global Foundries will bash up Intel's process lead


Gartner beats up software company in court

Magic Quadrant cafuffle may continue

Nvidia reports 3Q revenue jump

GPU accelerates profits

Adult Friend Finder: paedophiles are just one click away

Single Parent Gossip author and child safety expert Pat McKenna has discovered disturbing information that provides evidence that the dangers of child porn and paedophiles may be much closer than you think.

Chinese foundry violated Taiwanese secrets

SMIC smacked down by jury

Carly Fiorina to run for Senate

Winsome ex-HP CEO Carly Fiorina is running for the US Senate seat currently held by Barbara Boxer of California.

New York sues Intel for antitrust behavior

The Attorney General of New York accused Intel of antitrust behavior today.

IBM censured after massive server screw up

The Texas secretary of state’s office has pulled electoral registration from an IBM facilities management deal following a server crash.

Apple's small-minded strategy

Apple is acting just like the snotty monopolist it has become in electronic music distribution and combined that lousy attitude with the presumptive arrogance of a smartphone monopolist.

Feds indict alleged cable modem hacker

The US federal government has indicted an Oregon man for allegedly helping customers modify their cable modems to obtain "free" Internet access.

Dell fined $12.8 million in New Orleans conspiracy case

A jury found Dell had to pay $12.8 million in damages for conspiracy and unfair competition after it was sued for a New Orleans CCTV system that still doesn't work.