Atlantis launch cleared as ISS has close shave

NASA's given the green light to the July 8 launch of its last-ever shuttle mission.

Twitter may launch photo sharing this week

Twitter could be planning to launch its own photo upload and sharing service this week, according to multiple reports.

Yahoo rolls out revamped email service

It's taken its time, but Yahoo is finally getting its revamped mail service out of beta, giving its 284 million users social network integration, faster search and more.

Soyuz blasts off for ISS in taste of things to come

Almost fifty years to the day since the first human spaceflight blasted off, the Soyuz TMA-21 mission last night left for the International Space Station.

3Ds users report 'black screen of death'

Users on several games forums are complaining that their shiny new Nintendo 3DSs are experiencing repeated, sudden crashes.

Firefox 4 clocks up double IE9's download tally

Firefox 4 is stomping on Internet Explorer 9, having tallied over five million downloads in its first 24 hours of release.

Glory satellite falls back to Earth

NASA's Glory satellite, which launched early this morning from Vandenberg Air Force base in California, has failed to reach orbit.

Second secret spaceplane to launch today

The US Air Force will today launch its second X-37B spaceplane from Cape Canveral to intesnse interest from Russia and China, which are suspicious about its secret payload.

NASA calls off Glory launch at last minute

NASA this morning called off the launch of its Glory satellite, five minutes before takeoff. It's been postponed until tomorrow, with NASA citing unspecified technical issues.

Students to photograph Discovery flyby at 100,000 feet

A group of students is to launch a balloon on Thursday with the aim of photographing the Discovery space shuttle as it roars past at the edge of space.

Discovery fueled for Thursday launch

It's taken four months to get this far, but the space shuttle Discovery is finally set for launch this Thursday afternoon.

Murdoch's The Daily hits the virtual newsstands

Yesterday marked the official launch of The Daily (no relation), Rupert Murdoch's new from-the-ground-up daily paper for the iPad.

OpenLeaks goes live - because someone leaked it

OpenLeaks - the breakaway whistle-blowing site created by defectors from Wikileaks - has gone live.

Spy satellite launch is West Coast's biggest ever

The second of two massive spy satellite launches took place yesterday from the Vandenburg Air Force Base in California, carrying a classified satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

New cracks shouldn't delay shuttle flight, says NASA

NASA has found four more cracks in the Discovery shuttle's fuel tank, but says it believes it can repair them in time to launch on February 3 as planned.

Indian rocket explodes on launch

An Indian rocket was deliberately blown up on Christmas Day less than a minute after launch.

Navy tests new aircraft launch system

The US Navy has successfully tested a new aircraft launch system that catapaults planes into the air using a massive electric charge.

Video: Google launches Nexus S smartphones into space

Google engineers recently catapulted 7 Nexus S smartphones to the edge of space using huge helium-filled weather balloons.

Wikileaks defectors plan rival site

Several of Julian Assange's former colleagues at Wikileaks are setting up a rival whistle-blowing site, a Swedish newspaper reports.

Cracks delay SpaceX demo flight

The first demonstration flight of SpaceX's Falcon 9 commercial spacecraft for NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program has been postponed.