Revolutionary solar cells double as lasers

Commercial silicon-based solar cells - such as those seen on the roofs of houses across the country - operate at about 20% efficiency for converting the Sun's rays into electrical energy. It's taken over 20 years to achieve that rate of efficiency.

Audi teases plug-in hybrid concept (and lasers)

Much like Ford, Audi is choosing a leading consumer electronics trade event instead of the upcoming Detroit Auto Show to unveil a plug-in hybrid concept. The German automaker will reveal next week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the Audi Sport quattro lasterlight concept.

Report: Diamonds power a new generation of lasers

Once a James Bond fantasy, diamond-based lasers are now becoming a reality.

Sun's energy could be used to zap dangerous asteroids

Two US scientists say they've come up with a method of deflecting or destroying asteroids that could have dealt with last Friday's in less than an hour.

'World's smallest wrench' could help build solar sails

Taking advantage of laser light's ability to gently push and pull microscopic particles, researchers have created what they're calling the world's smallest wrench.

Dinosaurs not so heavy after all

Scientists have developed a new laser technique to measure the weight and size of dinosaurs - and found they were much lighter than previously thought.

Researchers eye space-based solar power

Solar power collected in space could ultimately be tapped to provide the renewable energy of the future.

Satellite swarm could blast away asteroids

Scottish engineers have come up with a new way of dealing with asteroids that threaten the Earth - firing lasers at them from a swarm of small satellites flying in formation.

Laser beams used to detect explosives

Austrian scientists say they've developed a way of using a laser to sniff out explosives from more than 100 meters away.

'Laser pointer' detects IEDs

Scientists say they've developed a laser that can detect roadside bombs - the biggest killers of colaition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lasers could revolutionize internal combustion engines

Spark plugs have powered internal combustion engines for 150 years. Leave it to the Japanese to develop a way to replace spark plugs with lasers.

Mini lasers could bring new age to the Internet

Do you like lasers and the Internet? Then you’ll be excited about a new laser device created at the University of Central Florida that could improve high-speed computing and the Internet.

Physicist plans asteroid deflection system

Lasers could be used to deflect asteroids on potential collision courses with Earth, according to a new study.

GM develops HUD system for vehicle windshields

General Motors (GM) is developing a HUD (Head-Up Display) system to project images generated by compact ultra violet lasers directly onto the windshield of a vehicle.