U.S. Air Force wants to fry enemy anti-aircraft sensors

Thanks to the crisis in Libya, terms like "no fly zone," "air defense" and "anti-aircraft missiles" are bombarding the headlines once again with a vengeance. 

Report: U.S. Navy could deploy laser against Somali pirates

The U.S. Navy recently tested an advanced laser weapon that could eventually help take out Somali pirates terrorizing the high seas. 

Video: Navy blasts ship with futuristic laser weapon

Clearly the coolest thing about being part of the armed forces is being allowed to shoot really big, awesome guns. What’s even cooler? Being able to shoot a really cool big, awesome laser!

Navy reaches milestone with 'raygun' laser weapon

Scientists at Los Alamos National Lab say they're months ahead of schedule with the Office of Naval Research's 'superlaser' weapon.

BAE zaps pirates with new laser defense system

BAE Systems has developed a new weapon to help defeat pirates on the high seas - by dazzling them with laser light.

Team says it can make matter and antimatter out of nothing

In the beginning was the equation - and University of Michigan researchers say they've demonstrated mathematically that it's possible to make something out of nothing.

MIT laser camera sees around corners

MIT researchers have developed a camera capable of capturing images of objects that are not in its direct line of sight.

'Tractor beam' moves objects a (relatively) long way

Star Trek tractor beams have existed for some time, but have only been able to move tiny objects for very short distances.

Ground-based laser system to track space junk

An Australian company is to build the world's first automated laser system to track dangerous space junk.

New Navy laser zaps drones from the sky

Raytheon and the US Navy say they have successfully used a combined-beam fiber laser to shoot down unmanned aerial vehicles in flight.

Lucas threatens lawsuit over lightsaber - sorry, laser

Wicked Lasers is defying a cease and desists letter from Lucas Films, calling on it to stop selling its Spyder III Pro Arctic laser.

Functioning lightsaber goes on sale

In official censuses over the last few years, hundreds of thousands of people have listed their religion as Jedi - indeed, it's the second-largest religious affiliation in New Zealand.

Laser sniffs out hidden explosives from a distance

A British team has developed a low-cost laser that can detect hidden explosives from a much greater distance than existing devices.