It’s not just Marissa Mayer—Larry Page is on an acquisition binge, too

Yahoo’s willingness to purchase any startup with a pulse has been the company’s dominant story this year, both in the press and among the Valley’s tens of thousands of entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, another company has been on a similar, but far more quiet aquihiring spree: Google.In the first six ...

Google pushes its own agenda for mobile site design

Responsive design is making some web developers feel very smug and self-confident while raising the rates of User Experience and User Interface engineers everywhere because, Google.

Google Glass probed

Eight members of the US Congress sent a letter to Google CEO Larry Page, raising concerns about Google Glass and its eavesdropping potential.

Google's Page urges free disclosure of medical records

After suffering from a mysterious throat condition, Larry Page is now telling the world+dog that people are being precious about hiding their medical records from the known world.

Google's Page turns on Microsoft

Google CEO Larry Page is either an arch-manipulator of public opinion or one of the least self-aware people in human history.

Physical Google Wallet is dust

Google is planning to revamp its Google Wallet digital payments platform at Google I/O. However, it seems plans for a physical credit card have been shelved, at least for the time being.

Andy Rubin steps away from Android, starts new chapter at Google

Google CEO Larry Page has confirmed that Android co-founder Andy Rubin is starting a "new chapter" at Mountain View as he hands over the Android reins to Sundar Pichai.

Google reports record 2012 revenues

Google's reported fourth quarter revenues of $14.42 billion, up by 36 percent on the same quarter last year - and bringing annual revenues up to over $50 billion for the first time.

Asteroid mining could start this decade

A new company is tomorrow expected to announce plans for an asteroid-mining operation.

Larry Page 'can't recall' Java licensing talks

Google CEO Larry Page has told a jury his company 'did nothing wrong' by using Java software, acquired by Oracle when it took over Sun Microsystems, in its Android products.

Google stock split keeps power in founders' hands

Google's announced plans to issue a new class of shares in a move that cements its co-founders' control over the company.

How evil became optional at Google

I’ve been reviewing the Google timeline in an attempt to determine if the accusations about the search engine giant stealing Android from Apple hold up.  

Eric Schmidt resigns as CEO of Google

Eric Schmidt - who joined Google in 2001 - is stepping down as CEO of the multi-billion dollar company.