Intel's 2-in-1 strategy: the super-expensive tablet keyboard solution

Desperately clawing to the notion that more is less in the post-PC era (we never tire of saying that), Intel wants to kind of have its cake, eat it, and make you pay for it. Maybe someone can explain why I would want a hybrid tablet/laptop when maybe, just maybe, I need a tablet with a keyboard, or not. 

Samsung and Best Buy host mini-stores

Samsung is planning to set up mini stores in Best Buys across the United States later this year. Samsung said it would open 1,400 stores by the end of June, and now that Apple has failed to trademark the word “mini,” we can actually call them “mini stores” without being dragged to court. 

Devices shape consumer future

Portable gadgets are affecting consumer spending habits and lifestyles, research by Gartner has found.

Report: iPad gaining popularity in corporate America

The portable device of choice for the corporate world has traditionally been the humble notebook or more powerful laptop. 

Analyst claims ARM threat is exaggerated

ARM currently dominates the lucrative mobile space (smartphones and tablets) with its low-power sipping RISC-based architecture.

Rumor: Apple to ditch x86 architecture for laptops

A new report claims future Apple laptops will be powered by RISC-based ARM chips, rather than Intel x86 processors.

Methane-powered laptops on the way

No, it's not a breakaway movement from Steampunk - it's serious science. A group of materials scientists have developed a new type of fuel cell that they say could soon lead to methane-powered laptops.

Nufront revs ARM SoC to 2GHz

Nufront has introduced a 40nm ARM-based SoC that clocks in at an impressive 2GHz.

Toshiba recalls laptops over meltdown fears

Another day, another bonfire. Toshiba has become the latest company to recall a product over fears of overheating.

Dell eyes Chrome OS for laptops

Dell has expressed interest in loading Google’s upcoming Chrome operating system on future laptops.

Toshiba launches first two-screen tablet to run Windows 7

Toshiba's come over all nostalgic, with the launch of three new machines to mark its 25 years in the laptop business.

Jobs says tablets won't "completely" replace PCs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has opined that the iPad and other tablet devices "won't completely" replace traditional laptops and PCs.

Will Typhoid adware become an epidemic?

A team of security researchers at the University of Calgary are warning of a potential menace known as Typhoid adware.

Australia to search travelers' laptops for porn

Be very, very careful next time you make that trek to the Antipodes - Australian Customs officials have been given the right to search incoming passengers' laptops and cellphones for pornography.

AMD launches triple- and quad-core notebook CPUs

Playing catch-up with Intel, AMD has announced its first triple-core and quad-core laptop processors as part of a major brand overhaul.

Half a million laptop power adapters recalled

Faulty wiring on the Targus Universal power adapter for laptops considered a burn hazard. Editors stop working just in case.

Apple preps iPad for April 3 launch

Apple has announced that the Wi-Fi version of its so-called "magical and revolutionary" iPad will be available for sale in the US on April 3.