iCub robot learns language like baby

A team working with the iCub humanoid robot says it can now understand what is being said to it and even anticipate the end of a sentence.

Bilingual babies learn grammar by seven months

Babies can distinguish between, and begin to learn, two languages with vastly different grammatical structures at just seven months old, say scientists.

Babies learn language while still in the womb

At just a few hours old, babies can tell the difference between their native language and a foreign one, showing that they start learning to distinguish the sounds of speech while still in the womb.

New-found gene separates man from apes

Scientists say they've identified a crucial gene, unique to humans, that may help explain how we learned to use tools and language.

Right-handedness implies Neanderthal capacity for language

Just like us, Neanderthals were mostly right-handed, new research has confirmed - possibly indicating a capacity for language.

Robot baby learns first words

The best way for robots to learn language could be the same way small children do - through interaction with adults.

Government funds "that's what she said" study

A resurrected catch phrase popularized by The Office for immature boys everywhere, "that's what she said," is almost unavoidable in popular conversation these days.

Computer learns human language to teach itself to play games

MIT's developed a machine-learning system that allows a computer to read the instructions for playing Civilization - in one of several different languages - and improve its game.

Robots develop their own language and talk

A pair of Australian robots have successfully created their own language from scratch and used it to communicate with one another.

Language is necessary to understand numbers, study finds

Numbers above three are incomprehensible to people who don't speak a language that uses symbols for counting, say researchers at the University of Chicago.

Google shifts Chrome into overdrive with upgraded V8 engine

Google has shifted its Chrome browser into overdrive with an upgraded V8 Javascript engine that offers a respective performance increase of 30-35% on the V8 and SunSpider benchmarks.