ARM-based server chips are on the way for AMD

AMD has publicly disclosed its strategy and roadmap in an effort to recapture critical server market share.

Thieves steal electronic wazzeria

As public lavatories - wazzeria - have become hi-tech, it appears that they have become a target for criminals to point at.

Doha conference extends Kyoto Protocol

The UN climate change talks in Doha have ended with a commitment from developed countries that they'll help pay for the costs of climate change for poorer nations.

CO2 emissions reach record high

Many governments are still failing miserably to keep global carbon emissions low enough to limit global warming to the two-degree-Centigrade international target.

Why the EU is winning the clean energy race

The EU signed Kyoto in 1997, and passed laws to lower emissions by 2005. Five years later it had double the wind power of the US, and ten times the solar power.