Edible green curtains cool Kyocera buildings

Kyocera has been doing some interesting things of late, mainly around solar. 

Dual-screeen Kyocera Echo phone set for April 17

Kyocera and Sprint have confirmed launch details for the unique 'Echo' smartphone, a dual-screen device that acts like a mini tablet in addition to a phone.

Sprint reveals Kyocera Echo: a hands-on report

We've just gotten the first look at Sprint's newest 3G phone, the Echo from Kyocera. In place of a keypad, the screen slides out to reveal a second screen - and we really like it.

Sprint set to unveil dual-screen Android tabletphone

It's not quite a tablet, but it's not quite a phone either. With two 3.5-inch displays working side-by-side, this unique device by Sprint looks to be something unlike anything else, and it'll be revealed at an event later tonight.

iPhone 4G Exclusive: It's weenerific!

Should the guy who lost the iPhone 4G prototype be shot, waterboarded, forced to read Kim Kardashian's tweets for ever, or merely skinned alive for this egregious hate crime?