Big Trouble In Little China to Come Back as a Graphic Novel

Big Trouble in Little China is one of those not-so-guilty pleasures that geeks everywhere enjoy. It’s not John Carpenter’s best movie, but it’s definitely a lot of fun, and it’s always good to have Kurt Russell and Carpenter working together. 

What's Going On With the Escape From New York Remake?

Escape From New York isn’t one of John Carpenter’s better movies, but it was always a great concept for a movie, especially back in the day when New York was a crime infested sewer. These days, New York has really cleaned itself up, and trying to remake it these days would probably make as much sense as trying to remake Revenge of the Nerds because the nerds already got their revenge. (Harry Potter, Bill Gates, etc.) 

Kurt Russell Looks Back on His Baseball Days

Kurt Russell is one of the great icons in geek culture. He started out as a child star for Disney, and went on to play Elvis, as well as star in the John Carpenter classics The Thing, and Big Trouble in Little China. Now he’s recalling his days as a minor league baseball player in a new documentary, and it’s gotten rave notices at Sundance.

Remembering John Carpenter's The Thing

The summer of 1982 was an incredible time for movies, but oddly enough, three great cult classics from that year were not hits in their time: Tron, Blade Runner, and The Thing.  

Tarantino's Django Unchained losing cast

This Christmas is going to be a big one for fans of Quentin Tarantino, as he's coming back with Django Unchained, his western about slavery before the Civil War. 

On Snake Plissken and Escape from New York

In Escape From New York, the city is so over-run with crime that it has become a prison. The brooding Snake Plissken is tasked with rescuing the President, who is being held hostage somewhere on the dystopian island.