Sequel planned for Snow White and the Huntsman

Universal Pictures has confirmed that it is developing a sequel to the recent fairy tale box office hit.

The gaze of Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and The Huntsman sticks to the original tale pretty closely, finding ways to work in each classic element, while adding its own tidbits like a good adaptation should. Unfortunately, it feels like it tries a bit too hard.

Snow White and the Huntsman rides into the fray

Universal Pictures has posted a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming fantasy adventure film Snow White and the Huntsman.

Snow White and the Huntsman trailer shatters the obsidian forces

Universal Pictures is showcasing a new trailer and an extended preview of its upcoming dark fairytale adaptation Snow White and the Huntsman.

Snow White and the Huntsman trailer bites the apple

Universal Pictures has released the Japanese theatrical teaser for its upcoming fantasy oriented film, Snow White and the Huntsman.

Akira synopsis is a stunning disappointment

The Akira synopsis confirms the core story has been completely altered from its original, as the experiment is the only element retained. In addition, character names have not been changed to reflect their new nationality.

Kristen Stewart may take Akira role

Kristen Stewart has reportedly been offered the romantic lead in the upcoming film adaptation of Akira.

Trailer for Mirror Mirror shatters

Relativity Media has released the first full-length trailer for its new Snow White adaptation, Mirror Mirror.

Mirror Mirror - the other Snow White

After allowing the film go through its entire production process without a title, Relativity Media recently announced its Snow White adaptation will be called Mirror Mirror, which seems a bit lackluster after all the waiting. 

Trailer drops for Snow White and The Huntsman

Universal has released the first trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman.

Now Disney wants a new Snow White

Disney Pictures has secured a director for Order of the Seven, a Snow White adaptation that has been languishing in development hell since 2002.

Snow White as you've never seen her before

Universal recently released some early photos of the cast of Snow White and the Huntsman.

Competing Snow White films planned for 2012

Both Universal and Relativity are planning Snow White based adventure films. Both have a nice smattering of star-power, and both are planned for release next year.

'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart wants to be in 3D

Kristen Stewart, or as millions of hardcore geeky fans know her, Bella Swan, wants the next and final installment in the Twilight movie series to be presented in 3D.