What if Dave Mustaine stayed in Metallica?

Anyone even remotely familiar with Metallica's story knows that Dave Mustaine, founder of Megadeth, was their original lead guitarist.

Metal and your mental health

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about metal is it screws kids up, or makes them delinquents.

When Metallica broke out of the Metal underground

When KJ Doughton headed up Metallica's fan club, and volunteered to help spread the word, who could have predicted the band would have become as big as they did?

Metallica back in the good old days

If you're a fan of metal, there's certain names you'd see on album thank you lists, people who became known for being a big help behind the scenes. 

Part II: Kill 'Em All and the Big Four

Along with making it all the way down from Seattle to see The Big Four show in Indio, CA, KJ Doughton was also one of the chosen few who got see Metallica get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.