New App Tells Us When To Go to the Bathroom at the Movies

How many times have we had to go to the bathroom at a movie, but we’re not sure when’s a good time to flee because we don’t want to miss anything? Some movies, you know when’s a good time to take a tinkle, and some you can’t tell.

Happy 80th birthday King Kong

King Kong is one of the most important films in genre history because it inspired so many people to make their own wonderful adventures when they grew up.

Original Metropolis poster sells for record amount

As someone who loves movie posters and old school movie art, it was quite exciting to read about a secret stash of posters that was recently discovered and put up for sale.

The Hobbit diaries of Peter Jackson

As every self-respecting geek knows, there's a lot going on in Middle Earth right now. Yes, Peter Jackson is busy filming The Hobbit and issuing regular updates via his production diaries.

The Kong that would be king

You recently read our coverage on TG Daily about Sensurround, the sound gimmick that was first used in Earthquake to try and simulate a real earthshaker in the theaters. 

WarGames slated for a reboot

It's weird to think of the eighties as being so far away from us now that Hollywood's mining them for remakes.

Special effects wizard shuffles off this mortal coil

Special effects wizard Harry Redmond Jr. recently passed away at 101 years old.