Is Microsoft prepping a next-gen Xbox?

The current console cycle seems to be dragging on forever, with peripherals like Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move effectively delaying the launch of next-gen systems by at least a few years.

Has Kinect's success come at the expense of next-gen consoles?

Microsoft's Kinect platform is truly a success on multiple levels. To be sure, Redmond meticulously designed, engineered and marketed the next-gen wireless controller to the masses - offloading a total of 8 million units as of January 4, 2011.

Kinect is only the beginning for PrimeSense

Part magic, part mystery, the Kinect platform represents one of the coolest new genres of gaming. But what makes the Kinect tick? A super neat optical sensor, of course. But the company behind the sensor, PrimeSense, has its sights set on bigger things than just the Kinect.

No, the Xbox 360 isn't a gaming console

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wants you to know that the Xbox 360 "isn't a gaming console." Rather, Ballmer believes the 360 - along with Kinect - acts as a complete family entertainment center.

New Kinect feature turns Xbox avatars into virtual chatters

From day one, Microsoft said the technology that eventually became Kinect would be more than just a new game controller. It'd be a way to revolutionize the entire console experience. It's latest bid to make good on that promise is a feature called Avatar Kinect.

Kinect + old Xbox 360 = red rings of death

If you have an Xbox 360 that was made before the year 2010, be careful before you go out to buy a Kinect and a whole bunch of games. You know what you'll get for those hundreds of dollars? A big headache.

Video: How to play WoW on the Kinect

A talented USC team has coded a Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST), which facilitates the easy integration of full-body control with games and VR applications.

No fun Fox News bashes Kinect Sex

Sex is not a game, Fox News has declared in self-righteous indignation, in response to a recent Kinect hack which saw game developer ThriXXX come up with a rather creepy, yet undoubtedly entertaining, use for the device which involves groping a girl sitting in a chair with a disembodied hand. 

Microsoft denies Kinect quadrupling

Microsoft has denied that it will be issuing a Kinect firmware update capable of "quadrupling" the platform's accuracy.

Rumor: Kinect coming to a PC near you

A Korean developer is claiming that Microsoft will officially support its popular Kinect platform on Windows-based PCs.

Microsoft wants to quadruple Kinect's accuracy

Even though Kinect has been hyped as one of the most sophisticated motion tracking devices in the history of video games, Microsoft is reportedly already looking into ways to make it even better.

Microsoft puts the kibosh on Kinect sex

Just two short days ago, ThriXXX announced that it would be the first company to offer a sex simulation game for the controller-free Xbox 360 Kinect platform.

First Kinect sex game released, but will it last?

Since its inception, the gaming community has spent many sleepless nights wondering when someone would succeed in taking the controller-less Kinect to the next level.

Kinect helicopter looks like something from the future

What happens when you mount an Xbox Kinect camera on top of a wireless "quadrocopter"? You get one of the coolest contraptions ever documented on YouTube.

Independent game developer sees no difference in Kinect vs Move

So, if you listened to everything Microsoft said about Kinect compared to everything Sony said about PlayStation Move, you'd think they were radically different, diametrically opposing pieces of technology. But when we turn to an actual game developer, the story is much different.

Sony sells more than 4 million PlayStation Moves

It is certainly a strong holiday season for gaming, and the new motion controllers are right at the front of it all. Microsoft just announced it has sold 2.5 million Kinect cameras for the Xbox 360, and now Sony is touting its latest number for the PlayStation Move - 4.1 million.

Internet demands Kinect sex, stat!

The Internet has been abuzz over Microsoft's Kinect, the gaming system we all know to rate our dance skills and helps us perfect our yoga poses.

Jakks Pacific turns to consoles with Kinectimals

As a move to make its way into the more profitable console world, Jakks Pacific has struck a deal with Microsoft to begin creating special plush animals for the Kinect game Kinectimals.

Microsoft: What a difference a year makes

Microsoft is likely to top the list of the most improved companies for 2011. Indeed, 2009 ended a decade of disappointing personal technology products from Redmond - particularly Windows Vista -  which left many of us wondering if MS could do anything right.   

Dance Central goes for DLC, here come the Black Eyed Peas

One of the biggest-buzzed games for the Xbox 360's new Kinect camera is Dance Central, an intoxicatingly simple game that allows players to dance without a complicated dance pad or controller.