CES 2012: Voice-actived TVs are here

Being able to control your TV by simply talking to it may be one of the differentiating trends at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

Xbox Live users topple 40 million

The number of Xbox 360 consoles that have been sold is now over 66 million, Microsoft confirmed.

Microsoft offers free "Xbox Live Gold Weekend"

If you're one of those casual Xbox 360 owners who doesn't care for the annual fee of Xbox Live Gold, this weekend's for you.

Microsoft boasts "biggest week in Xbox history"

It appears to have been a killer start to the holiday shopping season for the Xbox 360.

MS eyes dual SKU strategy for Xbox 720

Microsoft is reportedly preparing to offer its upcoming Xbox 720 console in two iterations.

Microsoft touts "Kinect for Windows"

Microsoft sees Kinect's presence in non-gaming environments as a huge potential, but it wants you to bring that potential to life.

Vehicle-powered generators hit the road

Americans own an estimated 250 million vehicles, and drive approximately six billion miles every day.

 But what if we were able to harness the energy used in transporting goods and people to generate electricity with no additional emissions?

Microsoft turns Kinect attention to edutainment

Microsoft has announced a new initiative to bring "playful learning" video games to the Xbox 360 platform, courtesy of the Kinect motion camera accessory.

LucasArts showcases Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect bundle

LucasArts is showcasing a limited edition Xbox 360 Star Wars console at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, California.

Will Kinect ever appeal to core gamers?

Microsoft's Kinect platform has managed to successfully attract casual gamers and significantly extend the Xbox 360 life cycle.

Kinect will bring interactive ads to Xbox 360

On Tuesday Microsoft announced that it will be bringing interactive ads to the Xbox360 system via the voice-and gesture-recognizing features of Kinect controllers.

Kinect grows up with core games, new content

Microsoft has just wrapped up its big pre-E3 press conference and while Kinect was yet again the focus, this time it's actually cool.

Two Kinect games leaked ahead of E3 unveiling

At the last minute, someone has finally managed to pop the lid on Microsoft's E3 secrets.

Updated: Next-gen Xbox spotted at EA studio

A next-gen Xbox was recently spotted in the wilds of an unnamed Electronic Arts (EA) studio. 

The console - an early build with no casing - is apparently housed inside a standard PC shell.

Report: New console cycle to kick off in 2014

Microsoft and Sony are reportedly preparing to kick off a new console cycle in 2014. 

However, Nintendo will likely launch its next-gen console two years earlier in 2012.

Microsoft Kinect developer seeks world record

Most game developers just want to see their name on a top-selling title. This company has a little something more in its sights.

Microsoft showcases next-gen SDKs for WP7 and Kinect

Microsoft is showcasing the next version of its Windows Phone SDK at MIX11.

Kinect hacked to make Google prank a reality

On Friday, Google announced Google Motion - a new feature allowing Gmail users to use Gmail through hand gestures and body movements.

Surgeons use Kinect to speed up cancer surgery

Doctors at a Canadian hospital are using the X-box Kinect during cancer surgery, to speed up operations and reduce the risk of contamination.

Kinect sales figures net Microsoft a Guinness world record

Guinness World Records has added the Kinect to its roll of honor - not for sitting in a tub full of baked beans for a record time, but for being the fastest-selling electronic device in history.