Microsoft slashes Kinect price, Xbox 360 cut may be pending

If you're an Xbox 360 owner in North America who has been thinking about purchasing a Kinect, now may very well be the best time to do so.

Video: The diaries of Fable - The Journey

Fable: The Journey - developed by Lionhead and published by Redmond - is the first game in the popular franchise to support Microsoft's Kinect on the Xbox 360.

Microsoft posts another Xbox 720 job ad

There is yet another blurb coming through official Microsoft channels about the next version of the Xbox.

Kinect PlayFit dashboard lands in the US

Two of Microsoft's biggest hardware successes have (thus far) targeted gamers: the popular Xbox 360 game console and Kinect accessory.

Microsoft's $99 Xbox 360-Kinect hits retail shelves

It wasn't so long ago that an Xbox 360 would have cost you a pretty penny. But with Microsoft's game console getting rather long in the tooth and the Xbox 720 on the way, prices have dropped significantly.

Rumor: Xbox 720 will have built-in Kinect

Some new details are emerging about Microsoft's next video game console.

Kinect's NUads aim to revolutionize ad experience

Say goodbye to the passive commercials of yesterday.

Harry Potter Kinect game on the way

Get ready to wield magical powers when you become the controller in a newly announced Harry Potter game.

Video: Leap Motion showcases $70 motion control tech

Motion control technology has become quite popular over the past few years, with the Nintendo Wii widely credited as the console responsible for bringing the platform to the masses. 

First 'Avengers' video game will go to Wii U, Xbox 360

The first in what will be a series of 'The Avengers' video games is called Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth.

Microsoft showcases new audio-based gesture control system

We can probably credit Nintendo for kicking off the most recent push to advance motion control gaming. Indeed, the Nintendo Wii was the first gaming console to bring motion control to the mainstream public.

Microsoft rolls out $99 Xbox 360

Microsoft has rolled out a $99 Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle. The catch?

Adidas bringing miCoach fitness tech to video games

Fitness video games will no longer just live on your video game console.

Skyrim to get Kinect support on Xbox 360

The news will undoubtedly make fans of the Xbox 360 version of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim absolutely giddy.

Kinect coming to Windows Phone 8 - report

Microsoft's gesture and voice recognition platform is trying to expand its reach.

Kinect 1.5 update for Windows incoming

An updated version of Microsoft's motion-tracking software optimized for PC applications will be available in May.

Microsoft eyes Kinect for Windows 8 mobile devices

Personally, I think one of the coolest devices Microsoft came up with in the last several years is its Kinect platform.

Streaming service Crackle brings voice control to Xbox

Crackle, a service that allows users to stream movies and TV shows, has made its way to the Xbox 360 complete with Kinect-powered voice controls.

Android-Kinect mashup is pretty cool

Well don't expect anything like this to be officially supported, but it is a pretty neat little hack.

Kinect-controlled skateboard is 'Board of Awsomeness'

A start-up called Chaotic Moon Labs has hooked up various bits of hardware to produce a motorized skateboard that's controlled through the Xbox Kinect interface.