New Kindle ad disses iPad

If you can't beat 'em...attack 'em. Nothing delivers a marketing message quite like making fun of a competitor, and with mounting pressure from other e-reader makers, that's exactly what Kindle has turned to.

Kindle getting retail Best Buy presence

In a move that could ignite a fire back under Amazon's e-reader brand, the Kindle is heading to Best Buy brick-and-mortar locations as well as the electronics retailer's online store in time for the holiday shopping season.

Sony refreshes e-reader offering with touch-screen model

After it has loomed in the background for months and months without even trying to make a splash, Sony has finally brought something new to the table in the e-reader market.

Sharper Image touts Literati e-reader

Remember Sharper Image? Yes, they are still around and are now touting a (surprisingly) reasonably priced, Kobo-powered color e-reader dubbed "Literati."

Plastic Logic's Que steps out of e-reader queue

Those who were waiting for Plastic Logic's version of the Kindle/Kobo/Nook are gonna go to sleep upset tonight because the company has just canceled plans to release it, but the number of people affected is probably pretty small.

Amazon might be working on another device, not a Kindle

After enjoying a couple years of nearly unlimited success with the Kindle, Amazon is reportedly in the planning stage to bring out another product that it will internally develop and manufacture.

Half of e-book readers no longer like print books

Some interesting new statistics have come out from a survey of e-book readers, showing that the market remains mainly a novelty and a popular gift choice, and Amazon holds a substantial lead over everyone else.

Amazon: Kindle mops the floor against Nook, Kobo

Although Amazon has not once said anything about how many Kindles or digital books it has sold, the online retailer is confident that it has a grip on as much as 80% of the e-book market.

New Kindles sold out through September 4

Anyone who tries to spell out doom and gloom for the Kindle in the post-iPad era should take a look at the fact that two new versions of Amazon's reading device sold out just days after being introduced.

How the Kindle went from luxury item to impulse buy

The Kindle isn't even three years old yet but it has revolutionized the world of books like no one could have expected, and has in some ways become a victim of its own success.

Barnes & Noble to expand Nook presence in stores

Barnes & Noble is preparing to push the Nook in front of your face even more so than it already does by devoting more space, 1,000 square feet to be exact, for in-store displays.

New lower-priced Kindle pitched as commodity item

Well, Amazon may have sold out of the original Kindle, but there's now a replacement. The company has launched two new versions of its e-reader, smaller and lighter than the original.

Kindle sells out following price drop

Amazon has apparently hit the sweet spot with the new $189 price point for its Kindle device, as it is now completely sold out with no information on when new stock will be available.

Barnes & Noble pushes Nook app to Android

Android owners now have yet a bigger selection of choices for how they want to access electronic books, as Barnes & Noble has officially embraced the Android Market.

Kindle price cut triggers big increase in sales

Amazon says it's now selling substantially more Kindle books than standard hardcover ones, and that its recent price cut has boosted demand for the e-reader dramatically.

Sony -finally- slashes its e-reader prices

After everyone assumed that Sony just didn't care about its Reader devices, it has finally cut prices of all three models to respond to its new competitors and increased pricing pressure.

Ebooks are slower to read than paper, survey shows

Reading an ebook is substantially slower than reading a standard paper version, according to a study.

Amazon upgrades Kindle DX, slashes price to $379

The Kindle DX, Amazon's large textbook-sized e-reading device that used to carry a daunting $489 price tag, has been cut down by more than $100 but it remains the most expensive e-reader by quite a large margin.

Amazon nearly doubles Kindle royalty rate

The latest move in the all-out e-reader war is showing just how profitable the heated Kindle vs. iPad vs. Nook vs. Kobo battle can be, for publishers.

Kindle e-reader app arrives on Android devices

Amazon has introduced a free Kindle app for Android-based smartphones and tablets. The application offers US readers access to over 620,000 books in the Kindle Store, including New York Times bestsellers and new releases.