Apple's iPad takes 87.4% of tablet market

No one can possibly be surprised that Apple is at the top of the tablet leaderboard, but an 87.4% majority in any high-profile market is staggering no matter who you are.

Check out this solar-powered tablet case

Downsizing the solar bag to fit evolving needs, Eclipse Solar Gear is out with a padded, tablet-sized case equipped with a flexible thin-film solar panel that the company says will provide up to 4 watts of power to recharge your mobile devices.

Nook is B&N's best selling product ever

Apparently when you're a store, you make your own product, and you have the power to plaster that product all over your store, it will sell.

Hack adds Kindle app to Nook Color

Brave Nook Color owners are able to read Kindle books on the device, thanks to a simple hack.

Kindle becomes Amazon's best-selling item ever

The latest version of Amazon's e-reading device is by all accounts a runaway success. Thanks to the holiday shopping boost it just received, it has become the online retailers highest-selling product of all time.

2010 Kindle sales will reach 8 million: analyst

Did you buy a Kindle for someone this holiday season? Chances are many more of you will answer "yes" to this question than if we had posed it last year. A whole bunch probably also bought one for themselves this year, as Amazon says 2010 will see the highest Kindle sales yet, by far.

Kindle case causes device to crash

It's hard to think that a leather case could cause malfunctions to an electronic device, but that's exactly what is happening to some people who purchases Amazon's official Kindle case.

It's a tiny, dual-screen e-reader/tablet combo

Everyone is always debating the question of Amazon or Kindle, e-ink or LCD. Well, now there's a company that's finally saying, "Why not both?"

Google e-book store may be ready for holidays

Never one to let some sort of cyber trend pass it by, Google wants to launch its own digital book marketplace, and according to reports may be able to launch it as early as this month.

Apple iPad in Amazon Kindle smackdown

A recent survey published by ChangeWave indicates that Amazon’s Kindle is rapidly losing market share to Apple’s iPad.

Sony Reader looks to Android, iPhone apps

Still trying to compete against a market dominated by the Kindle and Nook, Sony's e-reader platform is going mobile soon, with plans to unveil Sony Reader apps for the iPhone and Android.

Kindle app confirmed for Windows Phone 7

After making waves on virtually every other smartphone platform out there, Amazon has created a Kindle app that will be available with the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the US in November.

Ten ways to read without a book

Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of MIT's Media Lab and the One Laptop Per Child initiative, recently proclaimed that the printed book will be dead by 2015. 

Amazon's Kindle has its best quarter ever

You might think that with the Nook, iPad, and Kobo biting at its heels, sales of the Kindle would have gone way down compared to when it was the only player in the market. But that's not the case.

Amazon to let Kindle users lend e-books

Amazon's moved to improve the competitiveness of its Kindle e-reader by allowing users to lend their books to friends.

Barnes & Noble launches "Nook Kids" label

In the heated battle for e-book supremacy, Barnes & Noble has turned its attention to a group of consumers with no disposable income of their own but who have a strong place in the world of literature - children.

Borders set to revitalize Kobo sales with new model

When Borders launched its Kobo e-reader earlier this year, it was kind of late to the party and also lacked many features of its competitors. Now it's taking a new step to be relevant in the Kindle/Nook battle.

Amazon launches Web-based e-book preview service

Amazon's family of Kindle services just had a baby, Amazon Kindle for the Web. It's a service that runs in any Web browser and allows users to preview e-books before they buy them.

Startup Kno develops giant 14-inch tablet, a sure failure

A new company called Kno has created a large 14-inch tablet geared for students and electronic textbooks. The only problem is this has been tried before and it failed terribly.

Amazon pumps out Kindle Android app update

Amazon has rolled out the latest version of its Kindle software for Android phones, as the continuously changing platform gets more fragmented across different devices.