Rumor: Bigger Kindle Fires in the works

Not only are more Kindle Fire units getting ready to ship out, but Amazon is also working on newer versions of its flagship Android tablet, according to supply chain reports.

PC heavyweights throw in the tablet towel

Traditional PC manufacturers are reportedly preparing to phase themselves out of the tablet market due to lackluster sales.

Report: Amazon working on a smartphone

For the holiday season of this year, Amazon is releasing its first Android tablet. Next year, it may release its first Android smartphone.

Nook Tablet ships early

Apparently not wanting to give the Kindle Fire any more of a head start, Barnes & Noble has begun shipping the Nook Tablet 1-2 days ahead of schedule.

Someone's already rooted the Kindle Fire

Well that certainly didn't take long.

The push for a Kindle phone

With Amazon's Kindle Fire lighting up excitement for Android tablets in a way no other product has been able to so far, there are questions about whether or not it could do the same for an Android phone.

Amazon App Store updated ahead of Kindle Fire

In what is no doubt a move to prepare itself for all that is entailed in offering a full Android tablet, Amazon has updated its proprietary app store format.

Amazon prepared to ship 5 million Kindle Fires

Amazon has increased production of its flagship Kindle Fire tablet, reportedly so much so that the company is ready to ship more than 5 million units before the end of the year.

26% of Kindle Fire customers put iPad on hold

Customers whose attention was captured by the announcement of the Kindle Fire are now less excited about the possibility of buying an iPad, a new study has found.

Nook Tablet: What Nook Color tried to be

Barnes & Noble has unveiled the latest entry in its growing Nook family, and this one is a direct threat to Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Speculation begins about new Kindle Fire

Amazon's widely hyped flagship Android tablet hasn't even gone on sale yet, and already details are starting to come in about what might be the next iteration of the Kindle Fire.

B&N to announce new Nook next week

Barnes & Noble has sent out invitations for a special event next week that is undoubtedly for the unveiling of the next entry in its Nook tablet line.

New Android tablet is just $179

No doubt aiming to take some of the metaphorical 'Fire' away from Amazon's impending tablet, a new 7-inch Android tablet has just been revealed for $179.

Production reportedly begins on iPad 3

It's a weird sort of Twilight Zone right now with the Amazon Kindle Fire attraction most of the tablet attention and the iPad sitting in the background.

Apple rumored to be readying 'iPad mini'

In an effort to offset the competition that is sure to be spurred by the Kindle Fire, Apple may be preparing to launch a cheaper iPad.

Pandigital launches new e-reader, but no one cares

If you're a largely unknown company and you had been working on an Android tablet, right now would be about the worst time to launch it.

Report: Kindle Fire pre-orders reach 250K

It's very possible that more people could be getting a Kindle Fire on launch day than was the case with the original iPad.

Is Kindle Fire hype fair to other manufacturers?

How is it possible that an online retailer with only the most peripheral experience in product design and development is poised to make a bigger splash in a market than the titans of consumer electronics?

Rumor: Amazon wants webOS for Kindle tablets

A new report claims Amazon is eyeing Hewlett Packard's defunct webOS for future iterations of its Kindle tablets.

Kindle Fire tablet to arrive Nov 15 at $199

The much-anticipated Kindle tablet announcement has come and gone, leaving us with all the pertinent details for the product's launch.