Report: Amazon prepping two new Kindle Fire tablets

Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch two new tablet PCs during the second half of 2012.

Google working on its own 7-inch tablet

Apparently Google isn't happy enough that its Android operating system has finally been implemented in a successful, top-selling tablet with the Kindle Fire.

Twitter updates mobile apps, goes to Kindle Fire

Twitter has just rolled out updates to its official mobile apps, and as part of the process has released a Kindle Fire-optimized version of its Android app.

$199 Nook Tablet jumps into the line of Fire

Barnes & Noble has officially unveiled a new version of its flagship Android tablet, with a price point exactly the same as Amazon's Kindle Fire.

8 GB Nook Tablet reportedly in the works

Barnes & Noble's footprint in the tablet market is about to grow.

What's next for Amazon's Kindle Fire?

Amazon's wildly popular $200 Kindle Fire tablet is getting about as much traction as the original iPad.

54% of Kindle Fire owners like their tablet

Amazon has had both praise and damnation heaped on its popular Kindle Fire tablet since the device launched in November 2011.

Amazon Kindle Fire hits 6 million unit sales

The Kindle Fire is getting about as much traction as the original iPad did.

Is Amazon's Kindle Fire cutting Google out of the loop?

When Google initially offered its Android OS for "free," I wonder if Mountain View ever envisioned the sort of ecosystem that exists today.

One in five US adults now owns a tablet

Spurred by a strong holiday season, tablets have pushed their way to a strong presence in the US market.

Analyst: Amazon makes over $130 per Kindle Fire 

I think most of us knew that Amazon's Kindle Fire would would be a resounding success when it hit the market. 

Amazon pushes for e-book enhancements

Amazon wants publishers to take their e-book efforts to the next level.

Report: Google eyes $200 price point for new tablet

When Amazon's Kindle Fire was announced, most knew right away the tablet was one of the few that actually had a chance of challenging the iPad’s dominance.

iPad 2 could drop to $299 to fight Kindle Fire

The Apple rumor mill is running full tilt right now with talk of new iPads coming this month.

Android 4.0 comes to Kindle Fire via hack

If you've been disappointed with the limited Android access on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet, here's some good news.

Amazon selling a million Kindles per week

Not that it should surprise anyone, but Kindle devices are selling incredibly well.

Kindle Fire draws fire from users

Amazon's Kindle Fire is proving less than popular with many users, with complaints over the lack of external volume control, privacy issues and a clumsy user interface.

Analyst: Apple doesn't see Kindle Fire as a threat

If you think Apple executives are staying up at night cringing at the thought of the Kindle Fire's remarkable sales, you'd be mistaken.

Dell kills the Streak

For Dell, the fun of Streaking is over. It looks like the company was just not able to sell consumers on the "Streak" tablet brand.

Kindle Fire is already #2 in tablet wars

If anyone needs proof that Amazon's flagship Android tablet managed to live up to its hype, here are some statistics for you.