Apple vs. Amazon: Why Amazon Will Win the Real Battle for the Future

Apple and Amazon shouldn’t be competitors, as one is a retailer and the other a hardware manufacturer. In fact, they should be partners - with Amazon selling Apple products.   

Picking a Tablet: There Really Is a Reason for the Choice

As we ramp up to Black Friday this year, I’m up to my armpits in new tablets, so much so that I’m convinced some must be having unprotected sex and making tablet babies. Of course, each tablet has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.  

Stripping Kindle DRM with Lego

Consider a book sitting on a shelf. You can lend it out to a friend, you don’t need a special device to read it, and if you are so inclined, you can photocopy it. This isn’t true with Kindle eBooks.

Amazon smartphone rumours re-emerge

Rumours that online bookseller Amazon might be developing its own smartphone gathered momentum after it announced that it had hired a a 20-year Microsoft veteran who most recently worked in its Windows Phone unit.

Kindle hack turns reader into a wireless Raspberry Pi terminal

We've seen some really cool hacks for the Amazon Kindle family of digital readers over the years.

FAA pushed to let people play with their gizmos, aloft

We would cautiously propose that accidentally leaving your phone on doesn't frequently make planes fall from the sky, but now the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reportedly considering letting passengers keep their electronics on.

Netbooks still rule the education market

Remember netbooks? Yes, the once-popular devices which eventually fell out of favor once tablets like Apple's iPad and Amazon's Kindle took the mobile world by storm.

From Amazon's Kindle to the TiVo

Shakespeare once asked what’s in a name, and while a name shouldn’t matter if an innovation is great, having a cool moniker certainly doesn’t hurt.

Amazon launches all-you-can-eat kids' service

Amazon's launched a new subscription service for children, offering an all-you-can-eat menu of books, games, apps, movies and TV programming.

China working on e-ink phone

Imagine a smartphone you only had to charge once a week.

Massive ebook price-fixing suit leads to settlement

If you are an avid ebook user, chances are you are in for a nice little surprise.

German company unveils $12 ereader

If you thought Amazon's Kindle was cheap, get a load of the Beagle.

B&N cuts price of Nook GlowLight edition

Barnes & Noble has decided to officially cut the price of its Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

Next-gen Kindles have locked bootloaders

Amazon's next-gen Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD are reportedly equipped with locked bootloaders. 

Essentially, this means the creation of custom ROMs could take just a little while to get off the ground.

Modder creates the KindleBerry Pi

The KindleBerry Pi isn't exactly the most portable or practicle computer on the market, but it's sufficiently geeky.

Toys R Us making its own tablet

Toys R Us has joined the trend of retail companies creating their own tablet hardware.

Kobo launches slate of new ereaders

The Kobo brand, perhaps best known as the one that was tied to the now-defunct retailer Borders, is looking to grab some new attention for the holiday season.

Amazon teases new Kindles in ad

Amazon's expected to announce a new Kindle and Kindle Fire later today, after teasing them in a TV ad last night.

Is Amazon prepping a dual-screen Kindle tablet?

Recent patent filings indicate that Amazon may be eyeing the creation of a dual-screen tablet.

Out of nowhere, Sony debuts new Reader

In a world where even Amazon is turning focus away from black-and-white ereaders, Sony has decided to step back into the market.