Microsoft's failed Kin might be making a comeback

Even though it was considered one of Microsoft's biggest flops in the mobile sector, Kin might be resurrected by Verizon - the exclusive carrer that found itself with thousands of unsold units once MS pulled the plug on the platform.

Microsoft pimps Windows Phone prototypes

Microsoft is reportedly pimping its Windows Phone 7 by handing out free prototypes to every employee.

Kin debacle embarrasses Microsoft

Microsoft’s decision to discontinue its lame Kin phone for overly-ironic hipsters in Brooklyn has apparently "sunk" morale at Redmond's Fortress of Solitude. 

T-Mobile's Sidekick gets kicked aside

The long-running Sidekick product line has finally reached its end, as T-Mobile plans to discontinue the remaining 2 Sidekick models and end its relationship with the product's manufacturer.

Microsoft pulls the plug on Kin after just a few weeks

In what may be one of the biggest blunders in mobile phone history, Microsoft has decided to immediately halt production on its line of Kin phones after it showed extremely disappointing sales.

The Microsoft Kin: The Blue Collar Phone

Often those of us who live with technology get excited about how much a new product can do and forget that most folks don’t want a Swiss Army Knife product nor do they want a Porsche, they want something simple and affordable that does the few things they want to do well.

Microsoft targets "social generation" with new Kin phone

Microsoft has introduced a new Windows-based phone designed specifically for individuals who need help in "actively navigating" their social lives.