Tarantino's Django Unchained trailer goes live

Although a movie may still be the midst of production, a studio typically manages to put together a coming attraction based on choice footage that's already been shot.

Old school Kung Fu coming back to the big screen

There may be an abundance of martial arts movies, but the quality ones are certainly few and far between.

Death Wish is back

Death Wish is probably a lost artifact of 70's pop culture today, but it was definitely a very controversial film when it first hit theaters.  

Martial arts legend Sonny Chiba is back

Many of you probably know Sonny Chiba from his role in Kill Bill as Hattori Hanzo, master sword maker.

How Metallica almost scored Kill Bill

You may have noticed that Metallica's back again with a very bizarre new project, collaborating with Lou Reed on an album called Lulu. 

The quaint lost art of writing longhand

Writer's block, especially when you're trying to make a living as a writer, can be terrifying. 

It's like being a porn star and, well, you know. 

Tarantino's "Django Unchained" should be given a chance

Yesterday we ran a report on the new Tarantino film, Django Unchained, a script Quentin completed in late April that has already been heavily leaked and reviewed all over the 'Net.