Could Kickstarter reignite Firefly?

A Kickstarter campaign recently raised an incredible $2.5 million dollars for a Veronica Mars movie, which then received a green light from Warner Brothers.

Veronica Mars conquers Kickstarter

Kickstarter is typically associated with new video games or consumer electronic projects hoping to cross over from the murky world of vaporware.

A Raspberry Pi powers this Bartendro

One of the things that has always most impressed me about bartenders is that they  often remember all the components that go into the mixing of a specific drink off the top of their heads.

Gamestick hits pre-order post Kickstarter

There are a number of Android-powered game consoles that have hit Kickstarter and other crowd-sourced funding websites over the last several months.

Android-powered Ouya game console headed to Amazon and Gamestop

When the Ouya game consoles on Kickstarter first appeared, quite a number of us couldn't help but wonder when and where we would be able to purchase the consoles in the real world.

Worlds of Wander seeks to continue Keen

Commander Keen creator wants you to make a platformer like his.

Android-powered GameStick obliterates Kickstarter funding goals

We recently ran several stories about the GameStick, an Android-powered device that allows users to play video games on a big-screen TV in the living room.

PlayJam touts redesigned Android GameStick controller

It seems like every time you turn around there's yet another project on Kickstarter attempting to bring mobile Android video games to the big-screen in your living room.

Cities in the Sky seeks to credit lost sci-fi visionaries

It’s no secret of history that many scientific and social advances were seen first in the pages of science fiction, and this project seeks to show you the ones most of us don’t know about.

Ship date announced for Pebble smartwatch

The Pebble 'smart watch' that's generated so much interest on Kickstarter now has a ship date - 23rd January - with the 85,000 backers of the project set to receive their watches a few weeks later.

Android GameStick hits $100K goal after two days on Kickstarter

GameStick recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise cash for a new Android-powered gaming device - and has already managed to exceed its $100,000 goal in just two days.

Molyneux's GODUS hits Kickstarter goal

Peter Molyneux's new game has achieved its Kickstarter goal.

Apple kills off portable charging project

A start-up called Edison Junior working on a portable charger has been forced to give back the money it raised via Kickstarter, because Apple's refused to license the rights to its Lightning connector.

The saga of Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an upcoming PC space simulator developed by Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame. The F2p game is set in the year 2942 where players inhabit a slowly decaying cosmic empire.

Star Citizen hits $2,134,374 on Kickstarter

Star Citizen has far exceeed its initial funding goal of $500,000 on Kickstarter, with a total of 34,397 backers pledging an impressive $2,134,374.

Projecteo shines your Instagram pics on the wall

Projecteo is part projector and part Instagram hack.

A closer look at the The Isles of the Sun - Indie d20 campaign guide

One of the best things about Kickstarter is how it helps indie artists get their work out to a potential audience.

Picade is a tiny arcade enclosure for your Raspberry Pi

Relive your arcade gaming past with the Picade.

Dystopian Distance racing game hits Kickstarter

Racing games have been around for years now and have certainly come a very long way since the early CGA days of Test Drive.

Space sim Star Citizen obliterates Kickstarter goal

Star Citizen easily passes Kickstarter funding goal with 26 days left.