Kevin Smith Biopic in the Works

A biopic about Kevin Smith? Isn’t he always doing a form of a biopic with this TV shows and podcasts? Would we even believe somebody else playing him? Would he be willing to play himself in someone else’s movie?

Kevin Smith To Return With a New Religious Comedy

We at TGD were surprised to read about Kevin Smith’s plans for a new movie, because we were under the impression he was going to retire from the biz. Then again, how many times have The Who, The Rolling Stones and Ozzy done final tours, right? 

Kevin Smith gets to work on Clerks III

Step back world, Kevin Smith is ready to grace us with his last film, and he’s finally decided his last cinematic gift to the world will be Clerks III.

Kevin Smith on the end of his career and Star Wars

As you probably know by now, Kevin Smith is leaving the movie business but there is apparently some confusion about what his cinematic swan song could be.

Kevin Smith's Comic Book Men renewed

Love him or hate him, Kevin Smith came up with a great idea for a TV show that's so criminally simple, you almost wish you thought of it yourself: Comic Book Men, a reality show about comic geeks. 

Is Clerks headed to Broadway?!

There's certainly sillier stage plays I've heard of in my day. For example, the musical of The Ten Commandments with Val Kilmer sounds like something straight out of a Mel Brooks movie.

Kevin Smith has a new geek show

It's a great idea for a reality TV show, at least I sure think so, and so do Kevin Smith and AMC apparently, because Comic Book Men takes you into the world of geeks. 

On Kevin Smith and The Bionic Man

The fifth issue of The Bionic Man was released this month by Dynamite Entertainment. The new adaptation is written and scripted by none other than iconic filmmaker Kevin Smith.

Batman in advance

When you see the bat signal at the local bus stop, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to  figure out there's another Batman movie on the way.

Jumping the shark defined and debunked

"Jumping the shark" is a phrase that is still often used in everyday life. The phrase, which was coined by Jon Hein in 1987, means a turning point where things go downhill fast. 

On Kevin Smith and burnt out directors

One of Smith's most glaring contradictions is how much he says he's not that good of a director, but is very thin-skinned about anyone criticizing his work.

The best of Macworld 2010

Want to fall down the Macworld rabbit hole without getting hurt? Let us take you through the best of the show, with pictures of Kevin Smith, a bronze Atlas holding an iPod, iPhone accessories galore and more!  

Kevin Smith tells all at Macworld 2010

Kevin Smith has predicted that Apple's iPad will inevitably be used as an impromptu murder weapon in a future movie.

Macworld 2010 kicks off without Apple

A Macworld without Apple? Can the show go on without Saint Steven Jobs and top spinner Philip Schiller?