On Kevin Costner and Django Unchained

I'll preface this one with the full disclosure that I'm not a fan of this guy, so it's amazing to see that Kevin Costner's been on quite a roll lately with roles.

On Superman Man of Steel and General Zod

I'm really not very interested in the latest reboot of Superman, Man of Steel, because frankly, I'm not sold on Zack Snyder.

Obscure, memorable scene: Savior of Water World

In the movie "Water World," an interesting sci-fi film with a mostly negative reception, Kevin Costner plays a mutated fish-man living on an Earth upon which there is seemingly no land, only a single vast ocean, with no laws or borders.

Kevin Costner dances with oil spills

Kevin Costner may be too old to dance with the wolves, but he is apparently young enough to help clean up a disastrous oil spill off the Louisiana coast.