Microsoft is lagging Linux

Microsoft's kernel is falling behind Linux because of a cultural problem at the Volehill of Redmond, claims one of its developers.

Linux Foundation down after hack

The Linux Foundation has closed its websites for maintenance after discovering a security breach late last week - despite the common belief that sites running on Liunux are near-impossible to hack.

Xbox 360 references spotted in Windows 8 kernel

Several strings referencing Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console have been spotted inside the Windows 8 kernel.

Report: Android kernel suffers from "high-risk" defects

A report due to be published on Tuesday claims that Google's popular mobile Android operating system suffers from no less than 88 "high-risk" defects.

Captivate Hummingbird overclocked to 1.2GHz

XDA Dev overclockers have successfully revved the Samsung Hummingbird's processor to 1.2GHz, with (theoretical) stable speeds of up to 1.6GHz expected in future kernel iterations.

Android-iPhone hybrid spotted in the wild

A talented hacker belonging to the Dev Team has managed to boot Google's Android OS on Apple's iPhone.

iPad jailbreak spotted in the wild

An iPhone Dev Team member known as "Musclenerd" has managed to port the popular "Spirit" jailbreak to Apple’s newly launched iPad.  

Microsoft wants OS redesign for multicore processors

A Microsoft kernel expert has proposed that developers "rethink" the basic architecture of current operating systems to fully exploit the benefits of multicore chips.