Will There Be Another Matrix Trilogy?

The Matrix was an incredible new vision when it dropped in theaters in 1999. Two lackluster follow-ups came after, and the Wachiowskis never regained their footing. Should they go back to the Matrix?

Ronin 47 Is In Deep Trouble

The year’s almost over, and it’s being called a record breaker at the box office, yet along with a number of big hits, including the Hobbit, there have also been a number of cinematic money losers as well. While The Hobbit may be ending the year on a high note, Ronin 47, the new Keanu Reeves movie, could end up becoming the biggest flop of 2013.

Keanu Reeves Won't Be Back For Point Break Remake, Still Hopeful About Bill and Ted 3

Make fun of Point Break and Keanu Reeves’s stilted performance all you want, but we at TGD have been big fans for years, and have a special place in our hearts for it. Not as much as Bill and Ted of course, but Point Break was one of those movies that developed its following on cable, and it was always a treat to stumble upon it channel surfing.

Keeping Our Fingers Crossed For Bill and Ted and Galaxy Quest Sequels

Some sequels are a given, and they’re going to get made no matter what. You knew there was no way a new Star Wars or the third Batman movie would eve be stuck in development hell. Other movies, unfortunately, haven’t been so lucky. 

Can Bill and Ted 3 Be Saved?

As big fans of Bill and Ted, we got so excited to see a third installment was in the works, and Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves were both on board. Then, like a lot of things in Hollywood, it appears all plans have plunged into development hell. 

Is Bill and Ted 3 in Trouble?

The prospect of another Bill and Ted movie definitely has us salivating at TGD, and both Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves are onboard, doing everything they can to make it happen. Except now comes word there’s snags holding up one of the most anticipated comedy reunions since Cheech and Chong finally buried the hatchet.  

Keanu Reeves is highly underrated

People should stop ragging on Keanu. He is a talented, sincere guy who may be on his way to becoming a great action director. We submit the trailer for Man of Tai Chi. This is not your geezers in a park Tai Chi.

47 Ronin: a new trailer of awesomeness for an otherwise dull day

The greatest Keanu Reeves movie ever has an international trailer. 

Bill and Ted Soon to Return?

While it’s all fine and dandy that we’re going to have another Star Wars movie two years from now, what we’re really excited about here at TGD is the possibility of another Bill and Ted film. Everyone’s onboard to come back, including Keanu Reeves, which excites us to no end. 

Alex Winter talks another Bill and Ted Movie

We’re big fans of the Bill and Ted movies here at TG, are quite excited by the news that a third movie is in the works.

The digital future of genre films

We all know that film is on the way out soon, and for true cinema aficionados , it's a sad day.

Bill and Ted 3 will not be a reboot

The director of Galaxy Quest is reportedly on board to helm the next Bill and Ted movie.

Will Bill and Ted play with death again?

It’s incredibly exciting news to hear there may be one more Bill and Ted movie.

Can Bill and Ted do it again?

Back in the eighties, I had to be dragged kicking and screaming to see Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but I'm glad I eventually went. 

Bill & Ted are ready for more

Keanu Reeves has confirmed that a script is ready for yet another installment of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Point Break is back for more

In movies there's the concept of the "guilty pleasure," say a movie you love, but don't want to let anyone know you love.

Akira film changes focus

Warner Bros. is apparently giving up on turning Akira into a blockbuster.

Keanu Reeves might take Akira Role

There is a rumor that Keanu Reves is in talks with Warner Bros. over the possibility of taking the role of Kaneda in the American film adaptation of the classic Manga, Akira.

Matrix 3D rumors were a hoax

Earlier this week, 3D movie fans were all a flutter when it was reported that Keanu Reeves mentioned two new Matrix sequels were being filmed in 3D while talking to students at the London International School of Performing Arts. Now, that school as well as representatives for Reeves are saying it was completely made up.

Matrix sequels may be on the way, in 3D

A new rumor says that the Matrix movie franchise is in store for two more sequels, in which The One will be in three dimensions for the first time.