Schwarzenegger is back as the Terminator

The aging action-star-turned-governor-turned action-star Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced that he will be reprising the role of the futuristic assassin-bot in at least one more film.

Terminator 5 loses a director

Justin Lin's rigorous shooting schedule for the latest iteration of Fast and the Furious has forced the sought-after director to drop his involvement in the upcoming Terminator 5 film.

Highlander reboot loses director

Bad timing has caused Justin Lin to step down from the helm of relaunching the popular fantasy franchise.

Justin Lin says Terminator 5 won't feature original cast

"Terminator 5" Director Justin Lin says the long-awaited film won't feature an original cast reunion.

Arnie is back for more Terminator action

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now reportedly part of a lucrative package deal put together to reboot (or continue) the iconic Terminator franchise.