Katy Perry awesome Twitter goddess of the universe

While I’m not a big fan of Katy Perry, I don’t hate her but her music doesn’t do anything for me, this is an interesting milestone in technology: She has fifty million followers on Twitter, which is now officially a record. 

Can Public Demand Get Justin Bieber Deported?

Usually we don’t cover nonsense like Justin Bieber on TGD, and we think the current media frenzy surrounding this kid is pretty ridiculous. You’d think there’s nothing important going on in the world that we see this punk all over the news for drag racing, drunk driving, and egging his neighbor’s house. A young pop star makes too much money, his ego goes totally out of control, and he repeatedly makes a fool out of himself in public. Gee, never heard that story before. 

No Justin Bieber in Superman Vs Batman (Thank God)

Superman Vs Batman already has so many strikes against it, does anybody really have to make it any worse? A cruel joke went around the ‘net that Justin Bieber was reading the script in the hopes of playing Robin, and thank God this isn’t true, otherwise it’s a sure sign of the apocalypse. 

Blackberry broadcasts your porn preferences

It looks like Blackberry 10 ships with a feature that tells your contacts about the porn you are watching.

Twitter fights spammers with lawsuit

In an attempt to get rid of the flood of spam across Twitter, the company's filed a lawsuit agaisnt several companies it says are some of the worst offenders.

Facebook news feeds swamped with porn

Facebook's taking down a flood of violent and pornographic images that have been showing up on users' news feeds.

Traffic surges as Bieber joins Instagram

If you have Bieber Fever like me, you'll be happy to know that Justin Bieber just sent out his first photo using the popular Instagram photo service. FOLLOWED.

Spoof URL shortener gets the Bieber boot

Just when I was ready to ditch bit.ly for the brand new Justin Bieber URL shortener, my fun was cut short. 

Celebrity tweets carry more weight than newspapers

Move over, the New York Times - an analysis of Twitter trends has shown that celebrities often have more influence on peoples' opinions on big news stories than major news organizations.

YouTube hackers direct Bieber fans to porn

Hackers targeted a number of Justin Bieber YouTube pages yesterday, redirecting users to porn sites and a video suggesting that the teenage heart-throb had died.

Facebook 'clickjacking' traps hundreds of thousands of users

We really hope that if a Facebook friend of yours said they 'liked' a link labeled 'Justin Bieber's phone number', you wouldn't be tempted to click on it.

App aims to de-Bieber the web

A new app aims to fix one of the most annoying features of the web - unwanted mentions of Justin Bieber.

Twitter fixes embarrassing security glitch

Twitter is back to normal after fixing a rather embarrassing security glitch that allowed users to forcibly add celebrity members of the popular social networking site to their "followers" list.