Batman Vs Superman Gets Pushed Back a Year

Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking…Enough with the Batman Vs Superman! We couldn’t agree more. We’re sick of it too, and the movie isn’t even out yet. In fact, whoever’s waiting for Batman Vs Superman is now going to have to wait a little longer, two and a half years longer in fact.

The Latest Superhero Movie Rumors: Justice League and Doctor Strange

There’s a lot going on in the world of superheroes, and in the next two years we will have Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2, Ant-Man, the Daredevil Netflix series, the Fox Gotham series, Batman Vs Superman, and much more. Now several interesting rumors have hit the net that may be true, or they could be complete bullsh*t, so let’s take a look at the reports and see if we can shift the nonsense from the possible truth.

Zack Snyder may direct Justice League if Man of Steel flies

Whether or not a long-awaited Justice League film gets made depends on the success of Man of Steel. If Steel takes off at the box office, Justice League will go forward. It’s definitely been a very rocky road for Justice League, and the success of The Avengers helped pull it out of development hell.

Justice League and the future of comic films

With Man of Steel nearly here, there’s been a lot of press speculation about Justice League, which has been off again / on again at Warner Brothers.  

Will the Man of Steel Team continue with Justice League?

Man of Steel is without a doubt one of the most anticipated movies of the summer.

Is the Justice League movie already in trouble?

With the massive success of The Avengers, which made about a quadrillion dollars, superhero teams are the hot thing right now.

Get ready for Man of Steel bling

One of the many great boons that Star Wars brought to the movie business is merchandising.

Man of Steel may be dark, but not dark enough for "R"

Some time ago, we discussed the possibility of a major superhero film eventually being awarded an R rating.

The Justice League film coalesces

Reports are circulating about what the heroes in the Justice League may be like.

LEGO Batman The Movie trailer 'assembles' the Justice League

Warner Bros recently released the first full trailer for its upcoming animated super hero comedy.

Justice League takes on The Avengers

With the enormous success of The Avengers, it seemed quite obvious that the nascent Justice League movie would be revived, and sure enough, Warner Brothers has managed to resurrect the lucrative franchise.

Who will direct Justice League?

Reports recently hit the web that Ben Affleck was up to direct the big screen version of Justice League.

Ben Affleck to direct Justice League?

As we've seen with the success of The Avengers, a number of potentially lucrative superhero team films are currently in the works, like Justice League.

DC is ready for a Justice League movie

Superhero flicks are insanely popular today with films like The Avengers raking in over $1 billion globally and The Dark Knight Rises poised to shatter box office records - genre or otherwise.

On the lucrative superhero business

With the success of The Avengers, it's really no big surprise that there are a number of superhero movies in the pipeline right now at the major studios.

Justice League movie inches forward

Some time ago there was a Justice League movie in the works at Warner Brothers that George Miller (The Road Warrior, Happy Feet) was going to direct.

DC shakes up the New 52

The New 52, DC’s - so far successful - attempt to build new audiences by restarting all of its super hero lines, is in its fifth month.

DC Comics outsells Marvel

As you may recall, DC Comics underwent a remarkable reinvention last year by rebooting a number of comic lines - a move which prompted an impressive jump in digital sales. 

Trailer released for Justice League: Doom

Warner Premier has released its official trailer for Justice League: Doom, the next animated film for the DC superhero franchise.

Does DC want a Green Lantern sequel?

Geoff Johns, the Creative Chief at DC Entertainment, spoke a bit about the Green Lantern franchise at New York Comic-Con this past weekend.