The dark side of Michael Crichton

I remember seeing the commercials and posters for the movie Coma back in the 70’s, and frankly, they were quite scary to my impressionable young mind. 

From Planet of the Apes to Jurassic Park 4

Although Steven Spielberg won't be directing the fourth installment of the popular Jurassic Park franchise, he will be one of the film's producers along with Kathleen Kennedy.   

3D for Jurassic Park, but not Hunger Games

It's been rumored for some time, and it's obviously a natural, but now it's official that the first Jurassic Park movie will be converted to 3D. 

The magical worlds of Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg just celebrated his 65th birthday on December 16, but you wouldn't know it because the Hollywood veteran always had the soul and energy of a kid.

Spielberg talks Robopocalypse

Steven Spielberg has been quite busy lately and one really can't help but wonder how he finds the time for all of his projects.

The digital edge of Tron

Harrison Ellenshaw comes from a legendary visual effects legacy, as his father Peter Ellenshaw created the special effects for many Disney classics.

The CGI conundrum

When Jurassic Park cemented the power of CGI, the genie was definitely out of the bottle for good. 

There’s been a lot of great CGI since, and a lot of terrible movies that rely on it way too much as well.

Review: Jurassic Park goes Blu-ray

Jurassic Park is a classic film franchise based on the novel by Michael Crichton.

A return to Jurassic Park

Several months ago, we revisited the original Jurassic Park, which is arguably still Michael Crichton's best known work.

The inner child of Fast and Furious

This summer, there was an absolutely hilarious skit making the rounds on the 'Net. It's an interview with the "screenwriter" of the latest Fast and Furious movie, but then we see it's actually a five-year-old kid.

Spielberg and Jackson wow Comic-Con

Steven Spielberg made his Comic-Con debut today when he arrived at the uber-geek fest in San Diego to promote his upcoming animated Tintin film and accept the coveted Inkpot Award.

A look back at the original Jurassic Park

Recent reports claim there may be a reboot or sequel to Jurassic Park.

Rumor: Jurassic Park reboot may be on the horizon

Will Steven Spielberg delay plans for Jurassic Park 4 in favor of a complete reboot?

Stock and Trade: International Genetic Technologies

In Stock and Trade, our latest genre fiction feature series, we’re looking at fictional corporations. Today, we’re featuring International Genetic Technologies (InGen).