Can Jurassic World Recapture the Dino Magic of the Original?

Hard to believe it’s been twenty years since Jurassic Park came out and became a huge box office smash. It was a hell of a game changer for FX, ushering in the age of CGI, and it also took Michael Crichton’s career into the stratosphere as a “mega author.” 

From Parks and Recreation to Jurassic Park

The fourth Jurassic Park movie, which is titled Jurassic World is now fully up and running, and headed for a June 12, 2015 date. Like Star Wars, Jurassic World is currently firming up its cast, and Bruce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, and Nick Robinson are all aboard. 

Michael Crichton's Sordid Pulp Fiction Past

If you’re a fan of Michael Crichton, you may be aware that he was originally going to be a doctor, and he wrote novels and screenplays to pay his way through medical school. Once his writing took off, the rest is history. 

Jurassic World Adds Another Cast Member

While it looked like it was in jeopardy earlier this year, Jurassic World, the fourth installment in the giant dinosaur series, is indeed moving forward full speed ahead. Bryce Dallas Howard is the first official member of the cast, and now Jurassic World has another lead role filled. 

Jurassic World Moving Forward With Bryce Dallas Howard in the Lead

For a moment there, it looked like the fourth Jurassic Park movie was falling apart this last May. It’s not a good sign when a movie shuts down right before it’s supposed to shoot, and we at TGD were wondering if a fourth Jurassic Park may never happen. 

Jurassic Park 4 Is Back on Track

When it was reported that Jurassic Park 4 was getting shut down right before it was supposed to start shooting, it certainly wasn’t a good sign. As much as TGD is tired of sequels and reboots, we actually wouldn’t mind seeing what could be done with Jurassic Park today.  

Jurassic Park Now a Billion Dollar Baby Thanks to 3D

Long time readers of TGD know we’re big fans of Jurassic Park. The movie just hit its 20th anniversary this summer, and it was great to see that it still holds up pretty well after all this time. If you’re a fan of technology, Jurassic Park was also a major game changer for FX, ushering in the era of CG. 

Jurassic Park 4 Update

It took a long time to get it up and running, but a fourth Jurassic Park finally did get announced, and it was supposed to start shooting this year on June 24. Except the production hit some snags…

Jurassic Park 4 on hold

Difficult as it is to believe, Jurassic Park hit its 20th anniversary this year, and by most accounts, it’s held up very well. When it came out in the summer of 1993, Jurassic Park was the blockbuster to beat.

The man who shot Jurassic Park and Roger Rabbit

Unless you really follow cinema, the name Dean Cundey won’t immediately ring a bell. If you’re a rabid film geek, however, you’ll know he’s the cinematographer of Halloween, The Thing, Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Apollo 13, and Jurassic Park, to name a few.

Jurassic Park 4 finally has a director

A fourth Jurassic Park movie has been in the works for some time now, and it’s a trip to think the groundbreaking first installment is now twenty years old.

Returning to Westworld

The late Michael Crichton was one of the "mega authors," a novelist who was an industry onto himself, cranking out best-seller after best-seller.

Robotech headed to the big screen

After the success of Transformers, similar giant robot stories from the same category went into development to become movies, including Voltron and Robotech.

Jurassic Park 4 is a go

There have been rumors about a fourth Jurassic Park movie for quite some time now.

ID4 3D On Hold

Love it or hate it, 3D is probably going to stick around for a while, especially now that Life of Pi has been garnering rave reviews for significantly enhancing what’s already considered a remarkable story.

Jurassic Park 3D trailer takes you back to the island

Universal Pictures has released a trailer for the 3D release of its classic dinosaur thriller.

Ancient DNA won't resurrect dinosaurs

DNA can't survive for more than a few million years at most, putting paid to any plans to take the grandkids to a real Jurassic Park one day.

Jurassic Park 4 inches forward

Even though we haven’t had a Jurassic Park movie in ten years, it’s remarkable how much nostalgia for the first film remains.

What if James Cameron had directed Jurassic Park?

Jmes Cameron directing Jurassic Park? The mind boggles. It would have been a perfect novel for him to adapt, right? 

Anticipation builds for a new Jurassic Park

As we recently reported on TG, there’s been a lot of speculation about yet another Jurassic Park film. With everything being rebooted these days, why not, right?