Ouya's free-to-try console model

Ouya's upcoming Android-powered console is eagerly awaited by both devs and gamers. Interestingly, all games in the Ouya stord will be required to support a free-to-try option.

Ouya console will run Android Jelly Bean

Ouya has confirmed that its upcoming video game console will run Android Jelly Bean, rather than the older Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

Ouya CEO: We need a killer app

Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman says her priority right now is making sure there is strong content for the console's launch.

GameStop eyes Ouya open-source console

GameStop CEO Paul Raines says his company is open to selling the Android-powered Ouya console, which recently managed to raise over $8 million on KickStarter.

Tough Ouya questions bring us back to reality

The Android-powered Ouya console has sparked our imaginations, but what if it never materializes?

Ouya's Kickstarter project closes at $8 million

It's pretty safe to say that Ouya hit its Kickstarter target of $950,000.

Ouya inks VEVO deal

Over the past few weeks, Ouya has managed to clinch a number of potentially lucrative deals with various industry heavyweights, including OnLive and Square Enix Japan.