Judge asks Apple and Samsung to strike their own deal

If Lucy Koh pulls this one off, we'll have to ask her to sort out the Middle East.

Apple ordered to make public climbdown over Galaxy Tab claims

Apple's been ordered to run ads in major newspapers in the UK admitting that Samsung didn't copy the iPad.

Galaxy Tab isn't cool, says judge

It's not often that a manufacturer breathes a sign of relief on being told its products are uncool. But that's what happened to Samsung yesterday in the UK.

Google and Facebook ordered to 'de-list' websites

A federal judge in Nevada has ruled that Chanel can seize the domain names of hundreds of websites selling counterfeit goods - and has ordered internet search engines and social media networks to de-index them.

Street View snooping could have been wiretapping, judge rules

A California federal judge has refused to accept Google's argument that sniffing packets from an open- unencrypted Wifi network can't possibly be described as wiretapping.

Judge rejects Google's plans for world's biggest library

Google's attempt to create a massive digital library has been stymied by a New York federal judge, who's rejected the deal struck between the company and groups representing authors and publishers.

Paul Allen told to be more precise over patent allegations

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has seen his patent suit against more or less everybody that's ever seen a computer thrown out by a judge.