The Fantastic Four Reboot About to Commence Casting

Superhero teams are the hot thing right now, which is why Fox is rebooting The Fantastic Four. This is a team up the movies still haven’t gotten right. But with Josh Trank, the director of Chronicle, at the helm, there’s hope this incarnation could finally have a chance. 

Chronicle 2 now in the works

Chronicle was a nice change of pace at the movies, a completely new story that's not based on any previous movie, comic book, video game, or board game.

Spider-Man nemesis Venom to star in own film

It’s pretty clear that some Spider-Man fans have wanted to see Peter Parker spar with his arch nemesis, Venom, for the longest time. Apparently, Hollywood actually agrees.

Landis talks Superman & Chronicle

It was certainly nice to see an original movie like Chronicle make it to the top of the box office charts - especially since it deals with a genre that often runs the risk of being overdone.