Fusion Garage dies a quick, biting death

It seems Fusion Garage, a company that was at one point the new hot thing in tech, has shut down without fanfare or even a real explanation to customers.

Fusion Garage has Android envy

Undaunted by the past failure of its unpopular JooJoo tablet, Fusion Garage (aka TabCo) is back in the mobile game with a "new" operating system, tablet and smartphone. 

JooJoo 2 hopes to actually survive with Android

After the original JooJoo tablet turned into what could only be described as a failed disaster, the company behind the device is growing some thick skin and trying again - this time with Android powering the device.

JooJoo tablet runs Windows 7

A software modder known as DarkDavy has successfully loaded Microsoft Windows 7 onto the Linux-based JooJoo web tablet.