The console wars have started

Earlier this week, Microsoft debuted its long-awaited Xbox One console. Although little was said about the processors in the new Xbox One, veteran industry analyst Jon Peddie says he believes the silicon is a custom version of AMD’s newest APU with 8 Jaguar core CPUs and a big multi-core GPU.

A closer look at Nvidia's Project Shield

Nvidia's Project Shield can best be described as an Android-powered mobile console that is also capable of streaming games from a Windows PC.

An in-depth analysis of Sony's Playstation 4 (PS4)

Sony has thus far confirmed a number of specs for its upcoming Playstation 4 (PS4) console, including 8 GB GDDR5 of system RAM, a single-chip accelerated processing unit (APU), 8 AMD x86-64 bit Jaguar (CPU) cores and 18 next-generation AMD (GPU) Radeon-based compute units.

On Jailbreaking Sony's PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Sony's long-awaited PlayStation 4 (PS4) has yet to hit the streets, yet there are those who are already contemplating jailbreaking the next-gen console. And yes, one of them is even a prominent industry analyst.

The fractured landscape of 3D tech

Veteran industry analyst Jon Peddie says the current state of 3D can best be summed up as five incompatible growing markets on 13 different platforms.

PC gaming hardware market rebounds

The recession appears to be slowly winding down, with enthusiasts and performance class PC gamers shelling out the big bucks (over $1,000) for rigs and accessories.

Analyst: Apple isn't too big to fail

Apple is currently at the top of the tech game, with a following that other companies can only dream about.

Did PC innovation die in 1984?

Prominent Silicon Valley analyst Jon Peddie believes PC innovation likely died in 1984, although the industry has yet to take any real notice.

Analyst says discrete GPUs are here to stay

Veteran Silicon Valley analyst Jon Peddie says embedded graphics processors are unlikely to replace discrete GPUs anytime soon.

What type of gamer are you? Now there's an answer

Analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has tackled one of the most common questions in the gaming industry.

Peddie: Console gaming is "limited"

Industry analyst Jon Peddie believes console gaming is hopelessly constrained by aging hardware, lack of precision controllers and low resolution.

Meet the guy you've never met

Howdy, A. Trusted Source is the name, inside stories are my game.

Tablets, some good, some, so so

We recently saw no less than a half dozen tablet announcements, and it seems as if everyone is going have one. 

Khronos accelerates mobile gaming with OpenGL 4.1

The Khronos Group has launched version 4.1 of its OpenGL spec, which is expected to facilitate the easy porting of apps between desktop and mobile platforms.

Is Sony confusing gamers?

Is Sony confusing gamers by simultaneously promoting the casual Move alongside its more core-oriented 3D titles?

Has the Xbox 360 hit the "downside" of its lifecycle?

DFC Intelligence believes the Xbox 360 may have "some" good years left, but estimates the console is on the "downside" of its lifecycle - despite the advent of Microsoft's Kinect platform.

Will Microsoft's Kinect appeal to core gamers?

The Kinect is likely to be a big hit with casual gamers, but will it appeal to Microsoft's core Xbox 360 audience?

Nvidia introduces Optimus technology for notebooks

Nvidia has introduced an intelligent switching technology for notebook PCs that automatically selects the optimal graphics processor for running a specific application.